Sauna Nudists

A group for those of us who love being nude in Saunas

Sauna in a Korean spa/bathhouse

Time to plan for Spa World. Saturday October 29, Saturday November 19 and Saturday December 31 are our dates. I will ONLY be at Spa World on Saturday November 19th. If any one also like to join PirateBob and I at Spa Riverside on Friday November 18,...

always nude in sauna

i wouldnt go to a sauna where you have to wear clothes; so silly. Love to be nude with others of all ages and genders with my young girlfriend

What is going on, Sauna on Cruise ship ?

I have been on 4 cruises in the past 2 years, hopefully the boat I am on has a nude tanning deck. If the boat does NOT have a tanning deck, I go to the sauna to be nude and relax.So far all 4 cruises another guy thinks it is open season for him to...

Where are the Nude Saunas in New England?

I know of Dillon's in Chelsea, Mass and The Blue Hill Baths in Norwood, Mass. I've been to both and can recommend them. The Seacoast Sports Clubs (formerly Gold's/Greenleaf Woods) in Portsmouth, NH has a dry sauna and wet steam. Richmond...

Sauna code.

How on earth can anyone consider a sauna other than naked ?

Sweaty as Hell, and Staring Down Death

Interesting article on sweat lodges, a Native American tradition here: I have done several sweats, even with...

pennine sauna uk

does anyone know if pennine sauna in shaw still has naked nights,,,thanks

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Effects of Sweating

Sweating by overheating the body produces these effects: Burns calories and therefore assists in fat loss programsSpeeds up metabolic process of vital organs and endocrine glandsPlaces demands upon the cardiovascular system, making the heart pump...

UK nude wellness for couples

Hi Folks,Can anyone recommend a wellness center in the style of those in Austria and Germany (i.e. pool, sauna and restaurant) but in the UK?

Brussels saunas.

There are a few nice ones with the Oasis first coming to mind. If ever in Kerkrade NL please visit Sauna Joe's. Disclaimer- these are male only venues.

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