Furry Nudist

If your into Furry Fandom, join this group. :3

Long time furry

If this group is furry as in the furry fandom subculture of anthropomorphic animals then I'm in the right place.

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Are you "A" furry?

When I first found this group I thought I had found a group of other furries I could chat with about the fandom with. The description even said, "If you're into Furry Fandom, join this group."For those that don't know what the Furry...

I think some people have misunderstood the...

Hi everyone. I believe this group is for the furry community as opposed to hairy people... it's probably easier for you to google what a furry is than explain. The moderator explains very well in the thread below this one however :-)

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Hey Furry Friends

Ive been offline for awhile so just wanted to check in. Hows the summer been for y'all. Hope we all got some good naked time in!

Surrey UK

Hi I'm a hairy bare bear! Come say hello.

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Looking in DFW

Are there any more Furry Nudist in the DFW area? You can always shave and be hairless but you cannot put on a chest wig and be hairy. I like looking at other hairy men and would love to find some to hang with.

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Newbie Member

Glad there are others like me who like seeing and if permitted touching body fur on men. Looking forward to sharing and showing others if anyone is interested- perhaps for locals in my neighbourhood one could meet?

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Grow the body furand show it.

I love to show off my hairy naked body in public. Would like to chat with like minded furry men.Grow the manfur and expose it to the world,whether they like the body fur or not.It is mortal sin to 'manscape'! Keep the razors for your face....


I am very hairy and also member of www.veryhairy.netJoin me there.Ben

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