Minnesota Nudes

come and talk whats going on in nude Minnesota lets get together and be alright

Places to tan nude

Hey all! I'm sure we all know of Bareass beach, and Twin Lake as being possible locations to get nude and catch rays, but are there other locations that are relatively safe to tan nude? I've heard of a location off HWY 13, (though I dont know...

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Is anyone here into clothed male/naked male situations? I'd love to be the naked one.

Summer is right around the corner

Hey all! Summer is right around the corner! Time to start thinking of safe places to tan, hike, etc. nude! Share your favorite place to become one with nature! If you have a secret place you don't want to announce, but would like a tanning buddy,...

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Anyone alive here? It's time to start thinking about spring. :-)

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,Just moved back to Minnesota. Never been a nudist up here so just trying to find as many friends as possible.

Who's tanning this week?

So, who's tanning nude this week? It's going to be gorgeous, but hot! Put that spf on! Have a place, secret or private? Let us know where and when!

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Tanning Spots, Public or Private

Hey all! I love the sun on my body and wondered where people with similar interests tan? I have on occasion found a couple of private spots along the river in Minneapolis, and there's a lake in Golden Valley I hit when the feeling moves me. All...

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It's going to be a beautiful day today! Anyone catching some rays somewhere au naturall? I may be interested in joining you!


Pretty quiet in this group. There must be like minded people in this state! Chime in and let us know where you tan, what activities you participate in, where you like to be nude, etc.!

Challenging site

Hi! I have found the site and am interested in exchanges with folks in Minnesota, but I find the website challenging to experience and maneuver! Any thoughts or insight?

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