Nude Swimmers

A group for those of us who enjoy nude swimming - for fun - for exercise and for competition. List places where you can swim laps nude please

Waterworld stoke Saturday 22nd April

Im attending this swim at waterworld stoke uk on 22nd april anyone else going?

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are you born a skinnny dipper?

My first memories of skinny dipping are when I was probably twelve or thirteen and playing with friends in a rocky cove.I wondered off and discovered a cave where I removed my trunks and moved around the semi lit area discovering nooks and...

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Love skinny dipping

Been skinny dipping from a young age At the cottage after a sauna jumping in the cool lake Always naked

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Gunnisin beach

Anyone here in PA or NJ go to Gunnison beach in sandy hook NJ? I just started going two years ago. I've always wanted to go to a nude beach and I found Gunnison beach. I have suck a good time just being naked outside on a beach and in the water....

I am not at ease when I bathe in bathing...

I discovered the pleasure of naked bathing while I was having an evening with my friend or I drank too much and a little smoked, the heat helping and the alcohol, I'm going to smoke in the water. I had no idea what to do with the beach, I went...

Nude Swimming in SoCal

There are a few awesome resorts in SoCal with very nice pools for swimming laps. My personal favorites are Olive Dell Ranch and Glen Eden. And if your into ocean swimming there's always Black's Beach. I also love to swim in my pool. I've...

Nude swimming in UK

Hi guys and girls does anyone know where I can swim in a pool naked in East Anglia UK. Thanks


any nude water lovers aware of any nude spots in Aruba?

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Ocean Swim

I was at the nude beach this weekend talking with a friend while we were in the water naked, that there is nothing better than being in the ocean nude. I cant imagine having to or wanting to wear swimsuit when it feels so wonderful swimming nude....


Any othernude swimmers in the greater Seattle area? I've swum nude at Howell Park and Denny Blaine Park, as well as some lakes in the high Cascades...

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