Nude Swimmers

A group for those of us who enjoy nude swimming - for fun - for exercise and for competition. List places where you can swim laps nude please

Ocean Swim

I was at the nude beach this weekend talking with a friend while we were in the water naked, that there is nothing better than being in the ocean nude. I cant imagine having to or wanting to wear swimsuit when it feels so wonderful swimming nude....


any nude water lovers aware of any nude spots in Aruba?

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Any othernude swimmers in the greater Seattle area? I've swum nude at Howell Park and Denny Blaine Park, as well as some lakes in the high Cascades...

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other than nude is there any other way to play in the water

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Hey, I'm going to be St.Pete July 18-24th. It'd be cool tomeet up with some local TN members there as well.

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swim teem

u foget u suit to practice coach giv u da choice u skippin practice n mebbe gettin kik off da teem or practicin nude. i find this out one day i foget my suit n coach gimme da choice. ize razed nude at home wit my big bro by our pop n uncle n prefer...

Lap swimming

I usually swim from 2000 to 2500 yards a day. About half of the year I am able do swim my laps nude. Guess which part of the year I enjoy the most.

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