Bald Or Shaved Head Nudist Men

For guys who enjoy shaving their heads

When it's time to go...

In my mid to late 20's, I realized with extreme horror that I was losing my hair! Mind you, I'm someone who's gone through afros, hot irons and jheri curls. My hair was my thing! Now this... When going to get my haircut, I'd let the...

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Going bald

I've concluded it's the best thing that ever happened to me looks-wise. About 10 years back, when my hair started thinning it really got me down. Although to tell the truth, I never really liked my hair all that much -- it was wavy, hard to...

Professional Male Grooming

Waxing, Clipping &

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Group Picture

Thanks For Using My Picture as The Group Photo....What 's Left Of My Hair Is Grey And Can't Be Seen.

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Just shaved it!

Just posted a photo of my newly shaved head....I love it! Wish I'd done it years ago!!!

Staying shaved headed

Thought I would start a new topic. This summer I have been consistently shaving my head almost daily. Its amazing how liberating it is just to run a razor over your head and be full time bald. Im loving it so far. In the past I would headshave and...


Wishing all my nude friends a happy and safe, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NUDE YEAR.......................Ruhl

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Anyone Using The "HeadBlade"...

I have a couple of the HeadBlade brand razors and they're great, very convenient and comfortable. I'm having problems finding replacement razors and other accessories. Anyone else experiencing the same? Any advice or solutions? Thanks!

New to the group. Shaved and bearded nudist.

Hey all. Chris here. Bearded, bald nudist. Always up for making new friends and meeting like-minded people.Cheers

To shave or to grow, that is the question.

I've been shaving my head for a few years now and consider myself quite experianced in the how tos and what fors about sporting a dome. About a year ago i decided to start growing again.... but not some ordinary doo. no, i love the feel of the...

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