Naked Smokers

For all smoking people who also like to be naked.

First cigarette of the day

One of life's pleasures, having your morning cigarette, outside, naked.

smokers - smoke when you stroke?

To me, nothing better than a boner and a cig. I can smoke twice as much while i am jerking off, without even realizing it. Anyone else?

what do you smoke

cig, pipe, other? for me it's all of the above


Who like to smoke naked seated on the toilet?i do!!

Naked Cigar

I'd like to meet other guys who enjoy a cigar while naked.

Latest Post
Warm Summer Night

Sitting on my deck at my vintage trailer enjoying a warm summer night. Listening to blues on satellite radio, adult beverage nearby, freshly shaved smooth and cigarettes at the ready. Makings of a great night.

Latest Post

Just sitting, naked on my camper deck and had this thought. Two things that society frowns upon, cigarette smoking and being naked in a public setting. So glad glad that I can do both without the judgement of those narrow minded folks. Yes, I know...

Latest Post

Taking some needed time. Enjoying the hot tub at my camp. Just had my first naked cigarette of the day, outside. No wind. What a great feeling being outside naked with my smoke.


I Smoke 3 packs a day - finally a place for me to fit in...

Latest Post
Cold Weather

I got tired of putting my clothes on to go out for a smoke. Was up very early yesterday morning and I said F**k it. I went outside and had my smoke naked. It was about 20F. Some serious shrinkage involved, but it was great to have that smoke naked....

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