Married Nudists

Married looking for some social events. Fun and just hanging time.

Hi from Houston

Hi all, we're new from the Houston area.

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How did you meet, who was the nudist!?

I've posted this thread on several of the sites I'm on. It's a fun way to get to know others a bit more. So ... how did you two meet and who was the nudist in the relationship? Did it take long to convince the reluctant partner to join...

Meet Like Minded Couples - Convince My Wife...

Looking for like minded couples to help convince my wife to try the life style. I think if she would try it she would be hooked.

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Myself...I can't imagine not being...

When your married to a person that you just love to hang with everyday all day, I can't imagine a day without being married. It wasn't always that way having a tuff 17 year experience the first time around. There is a lot to say about young...

Does being a nudist deminish attraction?

For us married folk who enjoy the nudist lifestyle regularly at home. Do you feel less attracted to your partner who you see nude on a regular basis?I pose this question after having multiple conversations about the role of sexual attraction in the...

A very Gratefull Husband

She is a sweet spirit with an encouraging effect on people. People want to be around her. I got to spend the entire weekend and selfishly felt good I had her company by myself. Her name is Luann and she is my wife. We worked on home projects together...

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by Gar-n-Mar 

Any interested couple in kolkata pls mail at

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Married couples

Are other couples concerned with going to a nudist resort, and finding out that it is a swingers haven We went to a resort in Calif, and my wife was propositioned to join a "group" for some fun. Havce other run into the same situation?

Has the lifestyle enhanced your marriage...

Somewhat deep in reflection last night when some friends were over. I could see some element of change since we included social nudity to our home nude lifestyle. The wife has opened up from her much conservative rearing. I being born a free spirit...

can you join with me in my mail chat

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