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Skype users?

Anyone uses skype?

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by Jamesnmphs 

Hi everyone. I am new here. From Central NJ. Looking to make friends and meet new people. Feel free to contact me anytime :-).

Looking to chat to my fellow nudist of...

Anyone interested in chatting and trying to become friends?

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Where are you ?

Where are my nudists of color This group needs to become more active ...... Role call Ideas on how we can start seeing more activity in here Question Why do you think we persons of colour are so small in number ( nudist ) is it that we are more...

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by Zanny 
Gaea weekend

I am planning with friends to make one last camping weekend at Camp Gaea in Kansas the weekend of September 9th-11th. Join us for fun, swimming, and socializing. Some are camping Friday and Saturday, others camping just Saturday, and still others are...

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Upstate NY people of color

seeking friendship,people of color

Are we "segregating" ourselves?

A question posed by "AANR-Ws Nudists" (@aanrwest) on TwitterMay 18If #naturism/#nudism is free from racial and sexual biases why are so many #nudists segregating themselves by skin colour or orientation?

Heartland Naturists Festival 2016

You won't want to miss a fun nude weekend at the Heartland Naturists Festival July 16th and 17th! Register now before time runs out! Registration will close on July 14th. Visit the website for more information and to...

Why so few Black Female nudists?

I have noticed that there are not too many on here is it they are more private than the rest of us or is it really a lack of Black female nudists world wide? I find all women beautiful it is personality that makes a person beautiful. I don't see...

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