Nude Fishing

This is a group for those that enjoy fishing nude, whether lake, river, bay, or ocean.

Finding nude fishing places

I also enjoy fishing naked. I sometimes can find a private cove to fish naked. Always have to be on the lookout for who might be watching that might take offense . I will keep an eye on this group to see if there are any fishing holes here in the...

just found this group!

I posted this under "nude camping" because I didn't know this group existed. This what I said.... "Went out on the city lake with my kayak the other day. I got far out and alone enough that I pulled off my shorts and fished naked...

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Any nude fishermen/women in northeast...

I keep a small telescoping fishing rod in my backpack so when a hike near a nice size stream I'll fish a little. Only limited success but it gets me into cool water for a while. Not much opportunity to fish in larger rivers and lakes. Always to...

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nude fishing

If anyone knows of places to fish nude in SE England, let me know please, always welcome to come as well, maybe a nude camp site with a lake, or a secluded area, I have fished naked all night a few years ago, the place was quite not a lot of people...

Naked in tent fishing

Not quite fishing in the nude, still not found anywhere really, but am in tent at fishing naked, no one else really around so just going outside every now and then for a wee. Bit cold to be outside

wanting to go nude fishing

Hello everyone, we are looking plan our next vacation but would like to find somewhere we can enjoy nude fishinganyone have any ideas?

central florida fishing

if anyone is still active in this group, I fish just about every weekend. and we all know fishing alone can be if anyone would care to join me drop me a line. I have been fishing the ST Johns river and connecting lakes, and mosquito...

Back to FL and the fishing is great

First day back went off shore to catch grouper snapper grunt and a huge king fish. Backwater is slower but still lots of snook to catch in the deeper holes. Life's Good !!

Bass Fishing Anyone?

I live on a lake that is rarely fished, and if anyone would like to join me just drop me a line.

Latest Post
Off for Canada

Tomarrow morning should be on the road by this time. Looking to mostly fish for Walleye of course , but will sprinke in some lake trout, smallmouth and the fun evil toothy critter the Northern Pike. Hopefully will be able to get out to do some nude...

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