Military/Exmilitary Nudists

Open to all active duty and former military persons who served in a military branch. Who enjoy being nude whenever, wherever and with whomever they can be. Past, Present and Future. SempreFi.

Former US Air Force, now disabled vet

Greetings, everyone! I'm new to the group and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Paul, and I spent seven years in the USAF as an analyst. I loved my job, and being in the Air Force, but eventually my injuries won out and I chose to let my...

Any nudists on active duty in the group?

Just getting into nudism...wouldnt really call myself a nudist yet. Doesnt seem like anyone I know on active duty has tried it though. Seems kinda forbidden to talk about maybe, idk. Just seeing if there were other nudists out there, maybe we could...


Hey ... new member here and saw that there wasn't a Navy thread open yet so ... I took the helm. I was in from '71-'75 with three WesPac cruises and one tour to RVN (1972). Stationed onboard USS Wiltsie DD 716, Gearing class destroyer,...

US Marine

Retired USMC here, my daughter and son are both serving in the National Guard and Navy respectively. I know what it means to serve and I do appreciate all who have helped to keep the security of our nation intact. Semper Fi

Flag Etiquette Rant!

This issue has had me bugged for quite some time. I'm sure I'll ruffle some feathers here from my own military brothers but a rant I need to get off my chest.I'm no less patriotic than any other ex military guy that flies the American...



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Hi All,

First off thanks to all my brother and sister vets for their service. I am an Army MP veteran with deployments to Bosnia and Iraq, plus a couple other places, under my belt. I decided to a year ago to give the nudist lifestyle a try and found it to...

are really this stupid?

RE: Bucket Listing / Protest is a typical political election ploy. This bill will probably vanish after the elections so you VETS and those who care about us,...,...

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San Diego this weekend

Hi everyone. Fairly new to TN but not to going bare. Will be in SD from May 12 to 15. Would be great to connect with locals. Have a great day and stay bare!

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Army Posts about Zika threat on the Army website,..., and if you do not think this is serious,...., read what the Army is doing for those Females pregnant and at risk. Also note the date of this...

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