Everyone nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

Public pride

I would love to share nude photos with some one?

now love to be seen nude in the locker room

I lost all myinhibitions at the age of 11 when I startedschool at an all boysprivate grammar school back in the late 1960's. They had a small indoor swimming pooland I was quite surprised to discover that everyone had to swim in the nude. It was...


I'm interested to hear peoples thoughts on when or if they get aroused/erection in the nude environment. I've had times, mainly in locker rooms, saunas, etc. where I'm naked and have become aroused. I know it's probably different for...

The Pleasure of Being Watched While Nude

There is something exciting about being nude in front of others. While in a reunion or simply by pictures others can look at. There is a huge number of people using the internet to publish their nude pictures showing their bodies to an unknown...

Breaking the ice

I love to be and to be seen naked even if everyone else is clothed. I'm often the only one, or the first, to get naked. So I'm happy to strip off when nobody else has as long as it's legal. I love it when others start staring at me. They...

Chat and play on webcam

For anyone who is interested to chat and play on webcam. msn: yim: e-mailQ Please let me know kisses

Love how it feels being seen naked on cam

Hi all, just joined and wanted to add my feelings on being seen naked on cam. I love being naked but hate not being able to find local places to share this side of me in person so why is it so wrong being naked on cam? I have Skype my ID is bluezzr...

my body is for ladies....

I love to show off on cams and in person....but sorry guys...its only for ladies...Just drop me a msg..

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