Christian Naturists are nudists among the crowd who hold the value of keeping Jesus Christ as being first and foremost in our lives, and the hope of spreading the same values to whosoever so chooses to be counted among us Christian Nudists and enjoy the fellowship, and share your personal relationship in your nudist walk with our Lord Jesus, naked unashamed, as we were created by God to be...


I think the American people, are stuck on there being only two choices in this election. I think of those 2, neither is very appealing. But by not voting at all is stupid. Look for another option or make a decision one way or the other. Myself, I...

Christian and Australian

Hello everyone if you are Christian and an aussie, I would love to hear from you. craig

Naturist Christan group in SE Florida

We have formed a naturist Christian group in the West Palm Beach /SE Florida area. Please visit us at Do you have an interest? Or do you know a nudist or like-minded preacher, biblical...

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Struggles with same sex attraction

Hey guys, Been on this site for a few years now, but have found new purpose. Wanted to be open about my past struggles with sexual addiction and same sex attraction and try to connect with other Christians that can relate. I love God so much, but...

Personal relationship with Christ

I am new to this group. Am looking for opinions from members of the group. How has being a nudist affected your relationship with Christ? Is it stronger or not?


I'm curious as to the thoughts of the group on this idea: Being able to present oneself nude to others is the ultimate act of self-acceptance.

meeting others with similar ideas

hello, i agree with you about blessing others and accepting them as christian nudists. we live in hard times where now alot has to do with sex and not with beauty of our bodies. i am looking for friends that think alike as you bu its hard to find....

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Hi to every one, I'm excited to have been accepted into this group.

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Friendship with woman

Hello everyone,I'm married for over 30 years. I love my wife, but I also love the nudity on the beach, in the sauna, in nature. I could enjoy much better if my wife would join. But for she it's nothing. Her faith dosn't allowedH it. I am...

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