Christian Naturists are nudists among the crowd who hold the value of keeping Jesus Christ as being first and foremost in our lives, and the hope of spreading the same values to whosoever so chooses to be counted among us Christian Nudists and enjoy the fellowship, and share your personal relationship in your nudist walk with our Lord Jesus, naked unashamed, as we were created by God to be...

News well worth repeating from San Diego City...

Keep in mind free the nipple is the foot stone to clothing optional, as seeing no problems from top freedom like in New Your then Clothing Optional would be a nice next step, here is the article... Legal advice for the Free the Nipple Movement How...

A question to MATURE Christians

I just want to ask the opinion of mature Christians in here. Well, sometimes I am having trouble if being in this site (and being nude) is right or wrong. A voice in me says that it's ok, but another says that it is not. Also, as a Christian and...

Prayer warriors needed!!!!!

Hello all, I have a grandson that was born premmie 7 months ago. He has been in and out of the hospital since he was born. He is now in the children's hospital in Cincinnati OH and has been there for 3 weeks. They have finally found that the...

There Will Be Prostitutes In Heaven

How on earth could prostitutes and very much hated tax collectors be going to Heaven? But remember now what James the brother of Jesus said in James 2:5 Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs...


I wish everyone a serene, lucky (and naked) Sunday. I am Andrea from Italy and I am looking for friends (women, men and couples) all over the world.

Christian and Australian

Hello everyone if you are Christian and an aussie, I would love to hear from you. craig

Ministry and Christian growth

I just want to ask how did being a naturist affected your spiritual walk with God, more specifically with your ministry in the church, your personal ministry (fulfilling the Great Commission), and your relationships with other Christians. What are...

Ham Radio Nudist Christians--- Anyone out...

Hey folks, trying to reach out to Christian nudist Amateur Radio operators... anyone out here? FBN

Like Minded Couples to Convince My Wife

Looking for like minded couples. I am trying to convince my wife to try the life style but can not get her to agree. Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated. If I could get her to try just once I think that would break the ice and she...

CNC Name Change

I have not been very active here in True Nudists for a while, but I have been taking a "break" from the boards and forums as well as major activities other than my in-home bible study we have at our home. That is doing fine. However, as...

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