Nudist Farmers

This group is for nudist farmers - Those who are able to or would like to be able to farm nude.

Australian Farmers

Hi guys,I have some farms in NSW within 2 hours of Sydney, and would like to find some male friends who also work on the land.cheers

Nude Olive Farmer in Spain

Hi i live on my olive farm in Southern Catalunya. I'm situated up a mountain with neighbours who only come up from the local village to feed their dogs. I'm pretty much naked from March until November and any warm days in the winter.

Latest Post
hi guys canadian part time farmer

grew up on farms and help my friends out on theirs (garlic, sheep chickens on 200 acres in ontario canada looking to Skype with like minded guys so send me a message to my profile or add me to skype canadian.gta and or

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Naked Farming Hints.

I run a small riding stables on 30 acres in KY. I have a good driveway alarm to assist with naked farming. I work naked whenever we are not likely to have students or visitors. Then my Dakota Drive Way alarm helps with the rest. My alarm has a...

Lots of opportunities to be nude

I wished I would have seized more opportunities to be nude when I was a farmer. I mean you're out in the middle of a field with no one around for a half mile. Perfect!

back on the farm

Back working on a farm again, not naked, but love to be back in the milking parlour

I would like to work in farm and gain some...

I would like to work as a farm helper anywhere in Europe, Australia, US or Canada. It will be a great opportunity to work under your company and supervision to gain some international work experience which will be helpful for my career and I will try...

working naked

working on my new orleans with a total nude crew having a great time with it. we made a comedy show out of it.I actually am a long haul trucker and have had many great times out on farms .. love the life and open quite space. Love hanging...

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My work

I live and work here at his farm and taught to be always totally nude I am not given clothes and use to it I do all works here at his land and care of cattle too or take them to forest. regards guanche

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