Theatre Nudists

Group for those involved with theatre, amature or proffessional. Actors, directors, designers, ect


I have been working with some actors, talking about putting a show together that uses and explores nudity. Looking for other artists to collaborate as well as backers. Send your emil if you want me to add you to the project mailing list.

Have you ever appeared on stage naked?

The closest I have come is when I had to go on for one of my actors in a production of Jeffrey I was directing. In one scene all I wore was a pair of men's bikini brief underwear and in another scen all I wore was a jock strap. I later directed a...


Hi, just joined the group. Before my wife and I moved to Colorado, we were in Ahoskie NC where we joined a community theatre and spent a year volunteering. I was head carpenter and scene painter and my wife ran the lighting and technical. I also...

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What do you do in theatre?

As you join the group, please let us know what asspects of theatre you do. I, for example, direct, design, and occationally act in community and reginal theatre.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2013 -...

Hello!I am performing at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival in an adult Brothers Grimm inspired version of Red Riding Hood. I will be playing the Wolf.I've attached some links below & It would be great to see some members from this site. Many...

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Calendar Girls

About 13 years ago a group of women from Rylston in the Yorkshire Dales decided to pose for a nude calendar to raise mony for a hospital setee in memory of a much loved husband who died of cancer. There is nothing new about nude women in calendars....

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New Musicals

I'm seeking New York City-based composers to help me complete several new musicals for which I have written libretti and lyrics. Commercial producers are already interested in some of them, despite the lack of music. For those shows which are...

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Anyone busy??

Anyone been doing any shows recently. We need to support each other.

Words of reflection

Angels go to heaven; actors go to the green room.

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