Locker Room Nudists

People that go totally naked in the locker room without the need to hide themselves with a towel.

Influencing New Nudist

I met a recent college grad last week in my gym's steamroom wrapped in his towel. Nice guy but I have no idea how he dries his body with a towel that has spent considerable time in the steamroom.. But he is young. I was naked as always. We had...

Weird ... !

I was in the steam room of my newly favorite YMCA. They had a sign up demanding covering when in the steam room. So, this guy comes in, stand up against the wall, and is nude except he held up his towel like a curtain out in front of him. Almost...


So.... Aside from it being fun... Why shower at the gym?If you just head home, why bother?I'm not trying to be a prude or just plain stupid. Just curious.

Korean spa experience

I was at a Korean spa that is open 24 hours. It has a day spa area, restaurant, a gym, Jjimjilbang, locker rooms and in the locker rooms is a bathhouse. The bathhouse has regular stand up showers and Korean style sit down showers. It also has a...

Cool Experience

Because my gym has only a very small locker room it is considered polite to get in and get out. The showers are drop-in cubes in a room separated from the changing area with sinks and a bench. That's it. There are probably bathrooms in private...

Gym Buddy

Looking for gym buddy 50+ Planet Fitness in Mt. Laurel NJ

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Shaving in gang showers?

Its been a long time since using a gang shower, but is it common for people to shave their pubes in gang showers? I must have been like 25ish and I was in a gang shower, a guy about the same age came in right after me with bodywash, a razor, and...

European Spas

Just returned from a vacation in Europe and happy to see that in some places in the world they have a very adult outlook on nudity in the locker room. I enjoyed Germany the most as most all the hotel spas were co-ed everything. They did have male and...

Naked in Locker room

I love being naked in the locker room. Don't see any reason to cover up under towels when in locker room. A great place for male bonding.

Beyond Locker Room Bonding

I have definitely blessed to have a few guys with whom I am very close on TN. A few guys from Physical Exams On Line reached out and asked me if I would play Doctor and they would play the patient. As the Doctor I got to ask lots of questions and the...

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