Locker Room Nudists

People that go totally naked in the locker room without the need to hide themselves with a towel.

Why Not Nude?

I never understand why guys cover up in locker rooms. I walk around nude every time, towel over my shoulder. A locker room is a place to change clothes, shower, use the toilet, etc...relax, lol.

Expecting more photos from this group!

When I saw this group had over 1000 members, I expected to be able to view and share nude locker room and shower room photos with lots of guys, but after joining I saw there are only 10 photos posted and only 4 of them seemed to be good quality...

Nude in Locker Room

I know this topic has been beat to death, but I am so stinking surprised that people cover up in the locker room. We all have the same parts, just some are bigger, smaller or different colors. I'm not exactly well-endowed, but I'm comfortable...


So.... Aside from it being fun... Why shower at the gym?If you just head home, why bother?I'm not trying to be a prude or just plain stupid. Just curious.

Locker Room Gang Showers

My health club has gang showers for 12 guys. I have a problem when I wash my genitals I get an erection; even at home.Well, it happened at the club. I had nothing with which to cover itso I faced the shower wall. The guy next to me did a side glance...

Weird ... !

I was in the steam room of my newly favorite YMCA. They had a sign up demanding covering when in the steam room. So, this guy comes in, stand up against the wall, and is nude except he held up his towel like a curtain out in front of him. Almost...

New Here

Hello! I have always enjoyed being naked in the locker room, and never understood why so many guys get embarrased about it. We all have the same parts, lol! Perhaps my time in the military helped me along, but I have never felt odd changing or...


Hey guys I'm new! Did you ever took pics on mirror at the lockerroom all naked? I really dont care in took in front fo the other guys or if someone is naked behind! I really think that everyone there have the same thing! so why hide? lol If you...

nude in locker room

at our local y.m.c.a. i have always been nude in the locker room. my towel is for drying only. when shaving at the sinks i lay my towel across the edge so i don't rub against it bare. i have always had onlookers, especially since i am shaved....

Influencing New Nudist

I met a recent college grad last week in my gym's steamroom wrapped in his towel. Nice guy but I have no idea how he dries his body with a towel that has spent considerable time in the steamroom.. But he is young. I was naked as always. We had...

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