Locker Room Nudists

People that go totally naked in the locker room without the need to hide themselves with a towel.


So.... Aside from it being fun... Why shower at the gym?If you just head home, why bother?I'm not trying to be a prude or just plain stupid. Just curious.

Naked in Locker room

I love being naked in the locker room. Don't see any reason to cover up under towels when in locker room. A great place for male bonding.

changing and towels

i just recently returned to the gym it has really surprised me the amount of guys i have saw changin from under a towel. not only that it is funny

Shaving in gang showers?

Its been a long time since using a gang shower, but is it common for people to shave their pubes in gang showers? I must have been like 25ish and I was in a gang shower, a guy about the same age came in right after me with bodywash, a razor, and...

Korean spa experience

I was at a Korean spa that is open 24 hours. It has a day spa area, restaurant, a gym, Jjimjilbang, locker rooms and in the locker rooms is a bathhouse. The bathhouse has regular stand up showers and Korean style sit down showers. It also has a...

Influencing New Nudist

I met a recent college grad last week in my gym's steamroom wrapped in his towel. Nice guy but I have no idea how he dries his body with a towel that has spent considerable time in the steamroom.. But he is young. I was naked as always. We had...

New to the group :)

Hey everyone just wanted to stop in a say hi and introduce myself. I am a huge fan of being nude in the locker room or gym and hope engage and meet with some like minded people. Any way Im here to make new friends so add me and shoot me a message. I...

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The textile/sportswear mafias have made not...

Nudity is happiness. At home. Outdoors. In the lockerroom; they were called gymnasiums for a reason; not sure why we cannot workout naked on the gym floor as long as we use towels. The textile and sportswear mafias have made not using their products...

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Weird ... !

I was in the steam room of my newly favorite YMCA. They had a sign up demanding covering when in the steam room. So, this guy comes in, stand up against the wall, and is nude except he held up his towel like a curtain out in front of him. Almost...

Cool Experience

Because my gym has only a very small locker room it is considered polite to get in and get out. The showers are drop-in cubes in a room separated from the changing area with sinks and a bench. That's it. There are probably bathrooms in private...

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