Naked And Proud

For those of us not ashamed of ourselves

Nude Olympic sports

What sports do you think can be or should be performed nude at the Olympics? Surely. all sports involving water should be done nude, swimming, diving, rowing, kayaking, etc. Also beach volleyball (the women are almost nude anyway), gymnastics, track...

Not proud

I see the group founder and only admin has not logged onto TN for three months! I guess he's no longer naked or no longer proud to be naked. After all this is by far the best website for nudists. As a result the group is closed to new members and...

Unashamed Nudist

For those of you who are proud to be naked, or just unashamed of your nudity: the new group Unashamed Nudist is for you. It has two admin, myself and Lucas, both keen users of TN. We won't go and leave you like this group's admin has. If one...

Pics for the group

I think it would be a great idea for members to send in photos for the group we have all been rather quiet here as of late and its time to get this group noticed. Come on dont be shy I have posted some of mine here already. We are supposed to be...

Proud or just not ashamed?

Many of us have bodies that gives us nothing to be proud of. Are we proud of being naked, or just outgoing?My body is nothing of merrit. But I really like being naked and dont mind who sees me that way. Hence over 300 naked photos of me (some shaven,...

It's only natural

Being naked is the most natural way to be, just doing the normal things and being my normal self, but naked. My body is nothing to be proud about but I make no appologies for it either. I'd say "Naked and Relaxed" or "Naked and...

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Save a Nudist girl, Amina!

Please sign this petition, and Save an innocent Nudist girl! She is going to be ''Stoned'' to death by Muslims. SAVE HER LIFE! AT LEAST TRY TO SAVE HER! ! I WANT EACH AND EVERY ''REAL NUDIST'' FRIENDS TO SIGN THIS...

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Happy New Year

Happy new year to all the group members and lets make 2012 a year to remember.Rich

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