Full Bush Naturists

For women and men who like a full bush

The Extent of "Full Bush"

As a moderator of this group I suppose I need to espouse its values, but I have to admit that the degree of hairiness I show when nude (in front of the camera, or on the beach or in front of the camera on the beach), varies from completely untamed...

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by Pamela69 
Trimmed or not?

I try to keep the fur trimmed just a little. Nothing too extreme just enough to make it all uniform and neat. Just curious how the members of this group felt about that. I know the smoothie group tend to ostracize anyone who dares not shave smooth.

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Full Bush for life

I have never shaved my "private" area really what's the point? If we are naturalist lets just let it grow down there! Who's with me?

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full bush

i love my wife's hairy bush and don't find the current trend of shaving attractive

Travel and fun

Any couples plan to travel to INDIA on vacation? Am a travel planner and can work as guide..

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What is bush area?

I would consider 'bush' as frontalfrom just below navel down to just below the balls. The hair in the 'taint'area is just a bonus! Butt creak hair falls in another category.Out backsounds nice or possibly the garden bushes leading to...

About under arms hair

Hi all I'm surprised not to see any comments about people keeping their underarms hair and mostly women.I ask to my beautiful african wife to keep them and it's even more better when she doesn't wash too much.The best is to see those hair...


hi people... have a beautiful day :)

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How can you post a pic already in your...

https://www.truenudists.com/members/pictures/view.php?id=58632704Full bush indeed!

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Beautiful Bush

I would like to share a story that happened to me about 20 years ago. I meet a lady through work from a big city that never beenin the country. I offered to take her for a ride in my 4 wheel drive. We spent the day riding the back country roads in...

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