80's Rock

If you loved all those bands of the 1980's then this is the group for you!

Does Ozzy Osbourne count?

Hello! I am a big fan of Ozzy and I was wondering if he counts to this group?

Latest PostSure does!
by FrankieJay 
Anyone Still Around

Is anyone still here that loves the 80's rock? Name some of your favorite bands.

Does it still count!

Does it still count if its a band that has spanned through the decade... The Rolling Stones are great and went through the 80's but also prior and here after and are still going strong...Still enjoy the big hair bands...Also ACDC still ROCK!

Bad Guys..Bare Guys..

Thought you rockers might like these friends of mine.. https://www.viceland.com/music/2011/07/life-drawing-a-naked-rock-band/

Joan Jett

Anyone know whatever happened to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts?

80'a music

Let's not forget foreigner.. .April wine...lover boy....tom.petty...Sammy Hagar.. .Samantha fox....Billy idol....styx...the cars.......just name a few...lol


I never expected Prince to die. I crew up listening to him. I got to see him perform twice, San Francisco and Oakland. I think he was more talented then MJ.

How to describe 80's music to those who...

Being the 'old guy' in the office, I do enjoy explaining how when I was growing up, we had MUSIC! Although that exclamation gives away my age, I have to admit, what I hear on the radio today isn't enjoyable to my ear anyway. Where's...

Las Vegas KOMP 92.3

Las Vegas rock station every sunday morning does 92 minutes of Hair on 92.3 KOMP or on IHeart Radio I listen to Slippery When Wet radio

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