Christian Nudists

We gather together for fellowship. To share about our relationship with God To tell of how we work out being a Christian and a nudist in daily living. We see nudism as a positive expression of our God given sexual nature.

Nudist Minister in Ca.

Nudist minister in Palm Springs, Ca. If your looking to get married in the nude I would be happy to marry you. We have many nude resorts in the area to preform the ceremony at.

new and christian

im a hevy christian looking for other nudists with a relatinship to god.

Looking for nudists in north carolina

Im a newbie and trying to meet some new friends

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hello group,I am a bi-sexual red letter christian who believes that it is possible to follow in Jesus' footstep yet enjoy all that life has to offer.I would like to find a female life mate who believes as I do.I would also enjoy having a group of...

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Chistian nudist

Glad to find a nudist Christain group:)

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Hey, my name is Diego and I am 19yo. Add me on SNAPCHAT: diegoalejorm Also I have a nudist group on WHATSAPP. Write me +573204541069 INSTAGRA: diegoarevollom

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Greetings to all

I am new to the group and even in the world of nudism . Andrea from Italy and I 'm 54 years old. I am seeking friendships and contacts from around the world . In our common faith in Christ .

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by Campingbare 
Nudist Church in SE Florida

We are disillusioned by the negative attitude of conservative Christians regarding social nudity. We would like to form a conservative Christian church in the SE Florida area. Can anyone give any advise as to how to locate a like-minded preacher or...

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Looking for couple to friend and meet for...

Would love to meet some couples in the Indy area for dinner and friendship. Not under nudist banner. I think if my wife became comfortable with a couple it might generate her trying the lifestyle at some point. I know if she tries it she will like...

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Christian Minister/Nudist

I am a Born Again Christian Minister in Memphis, TN that also enjoys the nude lifestyle.I have performed a nude wedding and it was just awesome for everyone there.If anyone has any questions concerning nudism, family, nude resorts, etc. please feel...

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