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---- PLEASE HAVE A VISIBLE PROFILE PICTURE---- Group for all those men who want to share a place in their home with other nudist men, and for all those in search of a room or accommodation for their vacations. Feel free to create a new topic with your listing on Airbnb. Would be good if you try to follow this format on the title of the topic: City - Country type of accommodation.

San Francisco May 10th - 13th

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Hello All,

I'll be visiting San Francisco from May 10th - May 13th and figured I'd throw this out there in case there were any fellow nudists who enjoy hosting travelers. I spent many years on the website "CouchSurfing" both as a traveler and a host. Sadly, I stopped using it when they went B Corp and released their app.

I have also hosted and traveled many times with AirBnb and MisterB&B. I love meeting and staying with fellow nudists.

Let me know if you are available and we could chat some more.



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RE:San Francisco May 10th - 13th

Damn buddy, Ill be there May 13th thru the 17th. Bummed Ill miss you.

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RE:San Francisco May 10th - 13th

Hi, I'll be around and would be fun to hang out.

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