Men’s Stretch & Cond

A group for men who want to improve their flexibility, posture and body confidence. This can help with decreasing recovery time from workouts, prevent injuries and help lose weight. A great way to strengthen and relax the body while being free and naked at the same time. I was doing lessons on zoom but found it easier to post the videos and you can join in at your own time. Twitter...

Stretch Classes

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Who want to join me in a mens nude stretch and conditioning class. You can watch or participate and if youre shy you can leave your camera off. Its totally free and and great way to improve flexibility and health while being naked. Ive posted a video of me doing some. Check it out.
If interested, send me a message and Ill send you the zoom link.

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RE:Stretch Classes

I'd be into this if it's still happening

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RE:Stretch Classes

Mee too

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