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IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE GROUP, YOU NEED A DETAILED PROFILE AND SOME PICTURES , NAKED PICS ARE A PLUS. If you keep a private profile, email me. I need to be able to see your profile. Sorry, too many weirdos out there.I will keep this group going. I do enjoy being outdoors! I dont get to be naked as much as I would like. But we are all here bc of one commonality, we like to be naked. I very much...

On the road south in Oz

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We head off tomorrow from Cairns. Overnight TNC, then 2 nights with friends in Mackay and onto Sydney. Hope to meet up with folks along the way with some outdoor activities. Cheers and let us know if you know of anyone doing fun things this holiday.

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RE:On the road south in Oz

Have a great Nude trip. HOpe to see pics!

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RE:On the road south in Oz

I have read several times that Queensland is less tolerant of nudity than other Australian states, despite having the best climate for nudity.
Do you find that to be the case?

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