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IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE GROUP, YOU NEED A DETAILED PROFILE AND SOME PICTURES , NAKED PICS ARE A PLUS. If you keep a private profile, email me. I need to be able to see your profile. Sorry, too many weirdos out there.I will keep this group going. I do enjoy being outdoors! I dont get to be naked as much as I would like. But we are all here bc of one commonality, we like to be naked. I very much...

Owens Valley Hot Springs

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30 years ago we frequented hot springs regularly. Since then we have raised kids and lived a little farther away from the many springs near Bridgeport and Bishop. We visited Buckeye and Travertine yesterday. Wow, a lot has changed. Vault toilets, parking lots, signs and trails. What happened?!?
Travertine was crowded, mid-week late September. All textiles.
At Buckeye I was happy to see at least two other soakers in their birthday suits although the textiles also outnumbered us. I hope clothing optional doesnt disappear in these places. Picture of Buckeye posted.

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RE:Owens Valley Hot Springs

I'm not one to advocate for what one might call militant nudism -- not just pushing the envelope but flaunting it where it's unwelcome and inappropriate -- but I *do* think it's incumbent on us adherents to continue to enjoy naked times at locations with a tradition of nude acceptance such as natural hot springs even when we're outnumbered. So, good for you and those other kindred spirits :)

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RE:Owens Valley Hot Springs

I've been a hot spring enthusiast for my entire life. We are now finding all of the easier to get to locations to be alarmingly overpopulated compared to the way they were in the 1980s. It is a constant battle to teach proper etiquette, discourage sexual prowlers, keep the partiers away and maintain a safe, clean, enjoyable natural soak. Most being clothing optional, we embrace any choice as long as they are well behaved and understand the rules. I have been known to use gratuitous nudity to possibly control the visitation. It can only handle a few people at a time and maybe 20 per day. It may help keep the shy away which may or may not be fair but what else can you do.. charge a fee for a place in the middle of no-wear? We believe it's perfectly acceptable to promote naturism. :)

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RE:Owens Valley Hot Springs

Natural56, I share your appreciation of and concern for traditional backcountry soaking etiquette and clothing optional acceptance. To paraphrase your delightful verbiage, "in the middle of 'no-wear'... it's perfectly acceptable to promote naturism" :)

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