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Not all nudists are body confident it may be for many reasons this page is a support group for those men who may have a stigma attached to their manhood should it be due to size , weather it's circumcised or not whatever the reason may be this page is to help you find that body confidence with support from others

Male bonding and the penis on telegram?

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Hi all, I'm a gay male interested in experiencing bonding 1-on-1 with other males without a sexual component. Clearly sexual orientation need not be a factor, but I've really enjoyed some of the chats I've had with straight guys along these lines given that the sexual/non-sexual distinction is a lot less ambiguous.

I don't have pics here for privacy reasons and don't show my face online, but I'm totally fine with showing my full nude body on video if any straight guys would be interested in chatting, including sharing and comparing our penises. I'm axbc76 on telegram, or also feel free to message me here...especially if you're around my age or younger and are comfortable with having hair around the penis. Thanks!

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