Penis Appreciation And Support Grou

Not all nudists are body confident it may be for many reasons this page is a support group for those men who may have a stigma attached to their manhood should it be due to size , weather it's circumcised or not whatever the reason may be this page is to help you find that body confidence with support from others


Thanks for admitting me to this support group, I have a lot of scarring in my past, but I would like to share one of my experiences with you.

In middle school, I had to take gym class. It was my first introduction to communal male nudity and I had a lot of body issues, including the secret knowledge I was gay. After each gym class, we were required to take a shower in a communal shower before our next class. I tried to open my locker door and quickly re-dress and leave the locker room after each gym class. I remember that the guys made some nasty remarks about homos. Well, someone told the gym teacher that I wasn't taking showers. After gym one day, The gym teacher suddenly showed up at my locker, where I was dressing for the next class. He loudly ordered me to strip, turned on a shower and bodily threw me naked into the shower and ordered me to soap up. I looked toward the doorway and the whole class was standing there, laughing at me! This trauma has been with me my whole life. Late in life, I became a nudist in part to help overcome my body shame.

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