Young Certified Nudists

A group for genuine & certified young nudists in Australia and around the world looking to make friends around the same age. As we all know, it can be hard to meet young nudists who are genuinely interested in creating new friendships and meeting up. It would be great to have a group where we can converse, share stories and arrange catch ups at beaches, houses and retreats etc. Lets get young...

Melbourne? Anyone out there?

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Hey guys and girls, seemingly new here and is it just me or is it really hard to connect with people in Melbourne?

Be good to meet cool people who like getting nude around my age and hang out really.

Are there people out there? Maybe im just not looking hard enough or on the right spots.

Anyway hit me up if you are out there


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RE:Melbourne? Anyone out there?

hi how are you going Iam from Melb

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RE:Melbourne? Anyone out there?

Hi we're in Titusville and we love Playalinda 13 , we have a nudist friendly bnb , if there's not any textile guests . We have a game room with a custom pool table, a pool, hot tub

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