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Current house guest

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I had a guy book my naturist friendly home yesterday and in his first contact mentioned that he wanted to soak in the hot tub, When I confirmed his booking I asked if it was okay for me to be ready to soak when he got here. He assured me that was fine. I was naked and sitting out on the front porch when he pulled up about 10pm ( full dark) . I shouted "howdy" when he got out of his car even though I could not see him, I heard the door slam. He came up on the porch stark naked himself carrying only his car keys.. He had just come from Turtle Lake Nudist resort after doing the nude 5k they run each year. Hence the desire for the hot tub. We soaked for a couple of hours and I gave him the tour. He went back out to get his stuff, and came in carrying just a toiletry case. He is still asleep upstairs without a single stitch of clothing in the house. Best kind of guest to have right?

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RE:Current house guest

What state/city is your guest house? I travel a lot as a truck driver. Sounds like a fun place to stay!

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RE:Current house guest

Not a guesthouse, but my wifes friend Judy came for another visit last week. She spent four days and three nights with us. When she got here, I showed her to her room so she could put her things away and get comfortable. Of course, I was naked when she got here. About thirty minutes after arriving, she came out of her room naked as the day she was born. She had shaved her pussy and it was nice and smooth. We went in the kitchen with my wife. Sitting at the table, we drank some tea and caught up. She said she had started staying naked at home. She said some of her friends freaked out when she told them she had become a nudist. Others said it was her choice and if that is what she liked more power to her. She told everyone that if they were going to come over and had a problem with her being naked, they should call first. Most of her family was cool with and said they would not have a problem with her being naked. Her first visitors with her staying naked was her brother and sister-in-law. Her SIL said she could not believe she was naked.
She told me her back was very tight, as she had been under a lot of stress at work. I told her I would give her a massage later in the evening. My wife brought up the massage I gave her the last time she was here. She told Judy not to worry about getting aroused during the massage. She said I had her permission to satisfy that arousal if she wanted. Judy said you are giving me permission to have sex with your husband. Janet said yes and explained her and I did not have sex because of her health problems, so she gave me the ok to have sex with a select group of women. Judy told Janet she was a very understanding and giving wife.
Wd decided to grill burgers for dinner so we moved to the patio. Our neighbors know I am a nudist and are used to seeing me in the backyard naked. The only neighbor that has a problem with it cannot see into the backyard. Judy was surprised when we told her that the neighbor girl and a couple of friends would come over and use the hot tub naked and that sometimes I was already in it or would come join them. Her mother would come over for coffee several mornings each week.
We had a couple of bottles of wine with dinner, while visiting. After the sun went down. we went in the house to watch a movie. About halfway through the movie Janet said she was tired and went to bed. Judy and I finished the movie and then Judy said she was ready for the massage. We took our wine and went to her room. After unmaking the bed, I had Judy lay down. I went and got the coconut oil and came back ready to start. I told Judy I want to start on the front so I could finish with her back. As I worked on her shoulders from the front, she made a purring sound. I said you like that. She said it felt great. I then started massaging her breasts. I worked in each individually, working around them in a circular motion ending up at her nipple. I did this to each breast and then massaged them together. I did not spend much time on her stomach, as she is ticklish. I then move down to her abdomen and hips. While massaging her hips I gently rub her vulva without touching her pussy. She whined. I told her patience. Working on her thighs I would graze her lips, making her squirm. On down her legs and feet before having her turnover.
Starting with her calves I work the oil in with a firm massage. I slowly work from her calves up to her thighs. Working in the outside of the thighs I move toward the inner thighs. As I massage them, I gently stroke the outsides of her pussy. She opens her legs a little to give be better access. After she starts getting moist, I move up to her butt. I cover her ass with oil, making some runs between her ass cheeks. I firmly work on her butt and slide my finger up her crack making sure to play with her rosebud. By now she is moaning softly. I sit on her thighs so I can work on her back and shoulders. To get to the shoulders, I have to lean over, with makes my cock slide between her cheeks. I am rubbing my cock over her asshole, making her squirm more. I lean down to her ear and ask if she is ready. She whispers yes. I slide back a little and place the head of my cock against the entrance of her wet pussy. I slide in easily. She is so tight. She moaned and said that feels damn good. I stroke slowly in and out of that tight pussy wanting things to last. After about fifteen minutes I have her get on top of me. She gets into a rhythm riding me like a horse. It feels so damn good her bouncing her pussy down on my cock. Im playing with her tits, pinching the nipples firmly. She is moaning loudly. After a while, I put her on her back and raise her legs up to her shoulders and start pumping her at a steady pace. She reaches up and pinches my nipple, making them red and hard. Het tits are bouncing all around I as pump her. She says she is getting close. I want us to climax together so I start slamming into her. All of a sudden, I feel a gush of juice on my cock. This sets me off and I pump a big load of cum into her. I collapse next to her. She sticks to fingers in her pussy and licks her fingers off. Then she scopes some more of our juices out of her pussy and sticks them in my mouth. We then kiss passionately. I tell her how great that was. She said she needed that. We drift off to sleep. Waking up around two in the morning we do it again. That was her first night with us.

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