Above Average Penis Size

for men with above average penis size and women who like above average size men

Asian penises

Hey everyone! I don't know if I qualify but this is me with my penise and it's about 4 inches soft and about 7.3-7.5inches erect and I don't know if that's "big" but yeah, if you do like what u see let me know haha. I feel...

men over 50?

love older men looking to met and make friends

Not massive

I'm a mature UK gent I've never considered myself as being hung until I was invited to a social about 5yrs ago I was asked to strip off before entering obviously I was concerned who would be there, I had no reason to feel that way I was...

50s 60s 60s friends

I am looking for mature friends. Guys & couples in their 50s 60s 70s. I admire mature guys with big tools. I'd like to make friends. Feel free to chat.

getting kicked

hi all today i was kicked from the chat room for posting a picture that the mod said i was erect in. i spoke to him afterwards and asked him to view my profile and see that i was not erect in any of my pictures that is my natural state. he...

Big boy would love to make friends with...

Hi everyone. I am a nice tall friendly nudist guy. I am half Carribean and half English. Would be nice to hook up with older gents pref between 55-85 for friends and sensual exploritary interests. I have always been attracted to the older male ever...

Should erections be allowed in this group?

I'm asking if erections should be allowed in this group because some guys are showers but not growers, some growers but not showers so you can't truly tell the size until you see it fully erect. And anyway, what's so shocking about a...

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by lilwilly 
Large Penis Talk

Hello all! I'm Luke, 27yo straight nudist from Brazil. I've always been ashamed of being hung - I'm around 5,5 soft and around 9 hard - but nudism showed me that it's how Nature and God wanted me to be. I'd like to chat with more...

What is average

I have an average size penis that seems large in some circles but occasionally I do find a man standing in front of me is huge and it is not erect. I personally don't find it intimidating but I do hope he does not want to make love to me


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