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for men with above average penis size and women who like above average size men

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Hello to to the group! My husband doesnt qualify as above average but is aware that Im intrigued by the well endowed. Great posts within this group and I look forward to getting to know some of you !


Hi I am about 6 inches soft and 8.5 inches erect. I think this might qualify me here? Attached pic without metal

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by KellyMark 
getting kicked

hi all today i was kicked from the chat room for posting a picture that the mod said i was erect in. i spoke to him afterwards and asked him to view my profile and see that i was not erect in any of my pictures that is my natural state. he...

Should erections be allowed in this group?

I'm asking if erections should be allowed in this group because some guys are showers but not growers, some growers but not showers so you can't truly tell the size until you see it fully erect. And anyway, what's so shocking about a...

Worldwide Nudists WhatsApp Groups

Hey fellow nudists! I have a nudist WhatsApp group that welcomes nudists from all over the world to join, share experiences and make new connections. If anyone wants to join just drop me a message with your number Naked hugs, Joe.

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50s 60s 60s friends

I am looking for mature friends. Guys & couples in their 50s 60s 70s. I admire mature guys with big tools. I'd like to make friends. Feel free to chat.

Hello everyone

I just wanted to introduce myself and share a little bit about me so I can connect with everyone here better. I'm 3 inches flaccid, 7inches erect, Im somewhat new to the nudist scene started in 2018/19 as a home nudist and am still a home nudist...

Hello everyone

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I've been a nudist for 8 years now. I'm 6 inches flaccid, 9 inches erect, large glans (mushroom head).


I like to wear Glans Rings and a Princes Wand 7" up my Cock to emphasise it. It also makes it swing nicely too


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