All Certified Indians

Welcoming all the Indians who are Truenudists certified.

Telegram group

Active Genuine members (No Gender Restrictions) are most welcome to join us on Telegram. We are mixed gender group of genuine Nudists. If Interested kindly inbox me your details, Thanks.

Intrested to meet

Any body from India, here like to meet me for spend time one or two days naturally nude together. Again remind i m not interested in sex talk or sexual activities. Plz don't mind

Good Morning Indians

Hello All, lets post upcoming events if anyone arranging for nude meets . also let me know if any nude meet happening would like to join

Nude Yoga Group

Hey guys, I have been practicing Yoga for last fews days and had a thought that it would be great to do it with group. I am thinking of have a group that can do yoga together virtually. We can start from basic stuff, and then see how it goes. Please...

Happy Nude Year 2024 (Full version) by The...

Calendar video on YouTube

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Cpl and women nudist

I created group for genuine CPL and woman Nudist. This group strictly only for nudism purpose. No sexual activities/discussion allow in group. All genuine CPL and woman nudist welcome to join us. But remember before joining cam varification is...

tomorow visit

hi i came to mumbai. anybody want to meet?

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By any chance, is there any nudist from Pune who is into birding too?

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We are 400.

Deat members Thanks . Today we are 400. keep the group alive.

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Single day Outing around Pune.

Anyone here interested in a single-day outing around Pune. Not sure how we make it Covis Safe. But we can discuss if interested.