This group was created to find other users of the world-famous, hands-free Aneros Prostate-Perineum Stimulator. Aneros products provide therapeutic benefits for men by helping maintain a healthy prostate.

Other toys than the aneros.

Does anyone enjoy using other anal toys besides the Aneros? I have used other toys like butt plugs and dildos as well as my fingers.

Is it safe to use an Aneros with Prostate...

Does any one know if it's safe to use an Aneros or any other form of Prostate stimulation for that matter on someone with Prostate cancer. I was diagnosed 18 months ago and have been scared to try any form of anal play for fear of causing the...

How long u keep in

What the rules in keeping it in...i have kept my in 30.minutes to an hour at most ...its ok when walkin..not comphy to sit often should u do it?

New to the group

Hi all. I've used other toys before but none marketed as therapeutic or beneficial. Is this particular toy/stimulator as good as you say?

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curious questions

What's the longest you have kept it in? Have you worn being dressed and gone out?

curious questions

What's the longest you have kept it in? Have you worn being dressed and gone out?

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Custom option?

I like mine but the larger curve that hits the perenium is quite uncomfortable. Thinking of cutting off or filing that part down so sitting is easier...also may need a bigger size to hit prostate better.

using a prostate massager

hi people, i don't have an aneros massager, i have a different brand, static, but i'm guessing they all work in the same way. when i use lube and insert it it starts turning around inside the body, head no longer faces the prostate. is that...

want one

Hey all. definitely decided to buy one. just one problem. can't decide which one is better for me. read their official website, but came out even more confused. any help, hints, please? thank you

all day use

I enjoy a metal Njoy anal toy and like it inserted for a long time while doing house work and just going about the day. Does anybody else enjoy constant insertion.


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