Are You A Hairy Or Smooth Nudist

For Guys to decide if they want to be Smooth or Hairy


I am naturally hairy , for years i have trimmed my pubes and shaved my balls and crack, however I have been thinking more recently what it would look like if I also trim ( not shave ) my chest hair, I tend to find a lot of guys, and some Women have...

Somewhere in between

Im somewhere in between lol. Not smooth but quite fair and not loads of hair. Tend to just trim down below and leave the rest to nature

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Smooth for first time

I'm moderately hairy, and have always trimmed. This week I have fully shaved my balls and love the smooth feeling, great for summer.

Shaving in Our Outdoor Shower

We have an outdoor shower on our RV, so that's where I shave when possible. Pubes, ass, and pits.

Proud to be nudist and share

If anyone's up to chat, add me on my new telegram: @duart_dl

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And why not both?

I am hairy by nature and I think we should let nature take its course. However too much, it is too much and I wax once or twice a year keeping the hair especially in winter because they form a small protection against the cold.

I'm hairy, but I trim a bit.

I'm hairy, especially waist down. I trim a bit here and there. And I shave my shaft and balls almost daily.

I Respect Each Other's Decisions...

But I don't have any time or desire to groom or shave my body hair. I like a natural as is appearance and I feel most myself and comfortable this way. I would love to have even a bit more.

I go both

I find being smooth when in the heat of summer so much more comfortable, if Im honest I prefer that look. But in the cold of the uk winters Ill let it grow back and trim and keep things tidy so to speak.


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