Are You A Hairy Or Smooth Nudist

For Guys to decide if they want to be Smooth or Hairy


I am hairy ill be hairy till the day I die

Am I smooth? Look closer...

...I'm blond hairy

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by HairyRich 
I go both

I find being smooth when in the heat of summer so much more comfortable, if Im honest I prefer that look. But in the cold of the uk winters Ill let it grow back and trim and keep things tidy so to speak.

Years of clean and smooth

I have shave my pubs for years since very young and i still do it and i enjoy the feel of the smooth skin and also contacting skin to skin well you know what i mean

I'm hairy, but I trim a bit.

I'm hairy, especially waist down. I trim a bit here and there. And I shave my shaft and balls almost daily.

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And why not both?

I am hairy by nature and I think we should let nature take its course. However too much, it is too much and I wax once or twice a year keeping the hair especially in winter because they form a small protection against the cold.

Hairy in winter. Smooth in summer

We going hairy in winter. Were only nude in public for nude swims , so only fellow nudists see us any away. Plus I just shave a little around my lips for adult related reasons. And were both totally shaven in summer as non nudists see us naked when...

Hairy or smooth together

I love too

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Pubes & Pits

I don't like how a guy looks with no bush framing his cock. It looks like a prepubescent boy to me. Also I think underarm hair is sexy. So I don't shave anything. I am not a hairy guy to begin with but I prefer a bush around my cock and hair...

Lasered smooth

Other than a teeny pubic triangle I am hairless and love it! I even started my own group for hairless guys.

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