Are You A Hairy Or Smooth Nudist

For Guys to decide if they want to be Smooth or Hairy

Smooth for years

I first started body shaving in my 30's. I'm noe 66 and still keep smooth. Buzz cut on my head and sometimes a mustache and small beard. Every where else is total shave, chest,arms,pits,legs,pubs and balls.

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Smooth is Sexy

Ive been pretty much totally smooth for years. I love how I look and feel with a smooth body. Im a cyclist, so started by shaving my legs. That progressed to my cock and balls. Now I regularly shave my chest, belly, pits and pubes. I use a trimmer...

Grooming options

I am looking for some helpful suggestions. I have always had very fine, pale leg and arm hair, and a naturally smooth chest and back. I envied guys who could grow full chest fur in colder months, but I also loved feeling so smooth. I often manscaped...


I am naturally hairy , for years i have trimmed my pubes and shaved my balls and crack, however I have been thinking more recently what it would look like if I also trim ( not shave ) my chest hair, I tend to find a lot of guys, and some Women have...

Smooth for first time

I'm moderately hairy, and have always trimmed. This week I have fully shaved my balls and love the smooth feeling, great for summer.

Shaving in Our Outdoor Shower

We have an outdoor shower on our RV, so that's where I shave when possible. Pubes, ass, and pits.

Proud to be nudist and share

If anyone's up to chat, add me on my new telegram: @duart_dl

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And why not both?

I am hairy by nature and I think we should let nature take its course. However too much, it is too much and I wax once or twice a year keeping the hair especially in winter because they form a small protection against the cold.

I'm hairy, but I trim a bit.

I'm hairy, especially waist down. I trim a bit here and there. And I shave my shaft and balls almost daily.