Awesome Naked Encounters.

Requirements to join!! Absolutely "NO" Private, Or "This user only allows picture/video access to friends," Blank or Empty profiles. Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos including your face. "MUST BE CERTIFIED!" Every nudist has that one special encounter while naked. Be it a chance meeting, a place or even a situation. Quite often more than one. Where, what...

When it's not who you were expecting.....

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A few weeks ago, Saturday afternoon, was expecting a former neighbour to call by to drop off something she had borrowed,.. Knock on door, (she's a fellow sun worshiper and not shy about getting naked, we spent many an afternoon drinking wine and naked sunbathing in the garden) so just answered the door naked only to see some guy with a clipboard trying to sign up people to be part of the radio listening survey,
Spent 5 mins or so finding out what it was all about, seems you have to log all the times you listen to the radio, and which station, then somehow with all the results from a mixed demographic they multiply it out to estimate listener numbers
Needless to say I didn't sign up, who needs that sort of hassle everytime you put the radio on!!!
Not once did he mention my nudity, nor did he seem at all bothered,

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RE:When it's not who you were expecting.....

My 8 year old son was visiting a friend, and I was to pick him up several hours later. I decided to do some yardwork. My wife and my older son left in her maroon Jeep Cherokee to do some shopping shortly after I began working. Within 2 or 3 minutes, I heard a vehicle coming down our 500 foot long driveway from the road, and looked up to see the maroon vehicle returning. Figuring she had forgotten something, I walked up to the vehicle. The tinted window rolled down, and there was my son's friend's father with a big smile on his face. "Thought I was Patty, didn't you?" he asked. "We just drove by each other".
He was not at all upset, and the two kids didn't even seem to be paying attention. The dad told me something had come up and he had to go to work so he was dropping my son off. He also said that they were often nude at his house also, so I didn't have to be worried about being dressed when his son was visiting my son. From that point on, I was always nude when that friend was visiting, as was my son frequently. His friend never seemed comfortable with the idea of being nude at our house, but that was ok. He didn't care if we were anyway.

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