Back Nudists

For all people, who love and enjoy to pose for the back view and their admirers and fans .


Personally, I think a lady's backside is just as attractive as the rest of her. Being retired Navy, I've seen enough male backsides to last a lifetime.

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Photos in Media

Was looking thru my nudism collection, i tend to collect vintage. But found some from a photo shoot I was hired for at a nudist campground in Indiana. Hope all are ok to post and are enjoyed. Personally I love the nude body all parts. Just nice to...

Can't get enough hot (un)crossed buns at...

A full year since anyone has added any comments on the two topics in this group, making me worry there aren't enough buttock-happy folks in True Nudists! So here's a nuwed topic to get the discussion moving and maybe to spark a revival in...

Such a lovely sight.

Ah the back, the least appreciated perspective view of a human being. I enjoy massaging backs and backsides, the cheeks hold a certain appeal to me and the wide expanse of the back makes almost a canvas for massage and body painting. The long...

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Back Views

Some men are breast men and some are ass men, sorry for the specific gender Ladys I only know our side of it lol. I do like watching people dressed or nude walking away from me. That fleshy part of the body is eye-appealing and so sensual to me...


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