Ball Stretcher/Weights

This is a great group to learn about how amazing Ball Stretchers are. Once you have tried them and learned the proper way to use them you will never go a day without putting one on. 33

Hi Guys and Gals

I was gobsmacked when I saw this group last evening as it's one of my favourite things to do. Attached is a pic of me wearing my two 400g stretchers, just love them and how they feel.

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Lotions that Promote the Stretching of the...

In general, any lotion or creme that is designed to prevent or diminish stretch marks is an excellent choice for use in ball stretching. Many are sold to the pregnant women market for the prevention of stretch marks from the growing fetus inside the...

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A warning

If you get into this pastime you Must use some moisturizer on your sack or the skin will become dry & cracked

New Weights

Decided to get a new stretcher. I switched to the 70mm Bullet stretcher. It is slightly shorter than stacking my two smaller ones and only a little lighter. Way more comfortable and I can add rings to increase the length when I want. My goal is to...

New to the group and stretching..

Thanks for the add here. Just ordered and received my first stretcher from an online store. Perfect fit I think..very snug..but thought I would ask the experts too. Read that trimming some and a little oil or lotion will help..which I did. It is a...


Hey guys ... I dont use em but I LOVE seeing guys wearing their cock n ball gear. Seeing guys wearing them at beach & they look fantastic. Hangin n swingin freely. Love the pics on here too. Wear & show proudly guys.

Do Scrotum Weights Work?

Many people interested in ball stretching wonder about the effects. What can you expect of ball stretching? In other words, do scrotum weights work? These are some of the most common questions among people interested in ball stretching. Scrotum...

The benefits and pleasure of wearing ball...

I've been wearing ball stretches for the past year now on a regular basis. I enjoyed the feeling of having a tug on my balls all day long. I normally wear an 8oz sometimes 2. When I don't have any pants on I'll wear three 8oz. How do you...

long time stretcher

I have been stretching for many years & really been into it the last 5yrs. I began with 1 ring & now I wear 4" [6 rings] almost every day & increase to 5" [8rings] for a couple of hrs. If I can't wear them in the day I will sleep in...


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