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I am an aspiring Photographer and Graphic Artist. I have always been fascinated by the nude human form, especially the nude female form which is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. But my passion is developing fantasy images of fairies, elves, sexy witches, centaurs and many other mystical beings. The problem is that finding people who are willing to pose nude for such images is a bit of a challenge.
As an aspiring artist, I have no budget. So I would like to barter for your time in front of my camera. I can offer you four choices. First, I could prepare a professional portrait for you. That would include matting and framing as you choose. Second, I am willing to swap your time for a print of any of my artistic images. Third, I could prepare you a CD with images of your modeling experience. And finally, I could put you on residual. In other words, I will pay you 20% of my profits on any sales of images containing you.
So if you live near the Poconos or are just planning a visit to the area, Im interested in working with you. I can be contacted at

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