Bare Black And Brown Naturists

For brown and black people exploring and engaging nudism naturism and clothes free living. Share your experiences your trips your challenges. This group is not exclusive but will keep the focus on the experiences of black and brown people in naturism as that story is not shared often enough. This is to be a safe place for black and brown naturists. If you are looking for hookups of any kind move...

Naturist retreat for black and brown people

The is a group that calls itself bare black and brown that is hosting a retest in CA in June follow link for details. This is not an endorsement but for informational purposes only....

Bare karaoke event

If you are in the Detroit metro area there is a nudist group that has a fair degree of diversity hosting a bare karaoke event in June. I participated in the last one and it was fun.

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Joined BNA

Officially joined the Black Naturist Association. Look forward to going on one of the trips in 2024

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Anyone going

Anyone going to the BNA meetup at King Spa tomorrow?

New question in the naturist living q&a...

How popular is naturism among black and brown people?Share your answer or comment #afronaturism

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Looking For New Friends!

Id LOVE to connect with the Black/Brown Nudists on this sitelets ENJOY nakedness together!


Apologies for neglecting the group been hard at work on a revision/update of my web site with lots of good stuff. Check it out if you are interested.. clothesfreelifedotcom

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Naked Wanderings: "Naturist Stories:...

Naked Wanderings: "Naturist Stories: What it's like to be a black naturist" -


Welcome new members please take a moment to introduce yourself. Share a bit about how you got into naturism.