Bare Oaks Nudists

People who have been to or want to go to Bare Oaks Family Nudist Resort in Sharon Ontario.

Fall Weekend At Bare Oaks

Fall Weekend At Bare Oaks. This week has been one for the weather and memory books. Unusually warm days for November contributed to a stellar week which was an elixir for a progressively trying year. The capper was an impromptu trip to beautiful...

Early Fall day at Bare Oaks

Today was one of those stellar rare warm fall days that all naturists should escape the daily grind and sneak off to beautiful Bare Oaks! Many did today, I think!

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Visit August 28

I am thinking I need to treat myself to a day visit. Anyone else going??? Strip down and enjoy nature the way it should be nude. What are the crowds like at bareoaks lately ???

Early Fall At Bare Oaks

Well, I keep saying its my last warm weather visit to Bare Oaks, again I'm happily wrong! It was a comfortable sunny day, a little cool in the shade, even cooler when clouds passed by, I spent part of the day on the beach soaking up some welcome...

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Last Days of Summer at Bare Oaks

It started out as a cold grey morning for a few of us ,shivering at the Bare Bistro having breakfast. Then the clouds cleared at noon, and the sun came through, turning into one of the nicest summer days. Another day of the Bare Oaks summer bliss in...

Bare Oaks Info

I haven't been to Bare Oaks before. I have been thinking about going but I have some questions. Are there lockers you can put a combination lock on to store your clothes? How much does it cost to get in? What are the hours?

First Summer Visit at Bare Oaks

I had my first summer visit to Bare Oaks yesterday. The weather was unusually warm for spring, so I'm calling it summer! I couldn't resist going after a long winter to get some sun on my skin. Everyone seemed as thrilled as I was to shed our...

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Bare Oaks

Enjoyed a beautiful day yesterday at the club, all day sunshine and temperature with a nice breeze, certainly made up for rainy summer last year, heading back real soon!

First visit to bare oaks

Hi guys, anyone going to the Bare Oaks who spares a seat? Lol I finally have the chance to go but I could use a ride, happy to share the cost. I was planning for next Sunday.. or I don't know when. Get in touch and we'll figure it out.

Highly recommended

Hi all I have only been twice and such friendly staff and visitors made it such a great start to my nudist experience thank you to all

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