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Visits to Bates Beach

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Friends of Bates Beach has done a lot of work with the local authorities that they will only enforce the Anti Nudity ordinance if they receive a complaint.
What the rest of us need to do is take advantage of this and return to using the beach nude.
For now it would be wise to walk further down the beach then we used to do. Say at least to the mid section of the sea wall.
There will still be a large number of textiles walking along the beach but it is important that we do not cover up as that only sends the message that we are doing something wrong that has to be hidden.

Due to family commitments it is hard for me to get there on a regular bases but I do try to visit as often as possible.
My most resent visit was today (Saturday,10-27-18). The weather forecast called for some clearing in the afternoon, unfortunately that did not occur. Even though I was the only nudist there I did not hesitate to strip down as soon as I could. I spent the next couple of hours sitting in my chair reading my book. There were a surprising number of people out walking the beach but other than a few glances no one seemed to have a problem with my nudity.

If you visit Bates, please post you experiences here.
Hopefully that will encourage others to visit.

Also if you are planning a trip there, let us know, maybe others would like to join you.

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RE:Visits to Bates Beach

Yesterday (11/03/18) I was able to spend another afternoon at Bates Beach.
I could not believe how few people were there on such a fantastically clear and warm day.
I arrived on the beach about 1:00 and stayed till 5:15. I set up at about the mid-point of the sea wall.
Other than a brief trip back to the car I was nude the entire time.
The ocean conditions were perfect, low tide and mild wave action. Went for a couple of short swims.

What I was very disappointed in was the fact that I was the only nudist there.
There are a lot of members of this group who live a lot closer to Bates then I do.
From my home it takes almost two hours each way.
Due to family obligations, I do not have that much free time and when it does happen, it is usually at the last minute so I cannot post in advance that I am going there.

I think part of the problem of people not going is that if they think they will be the only one nude that they do not go.
On my last two visits to the beach I was the only one nude and I did not let that stop me.
There were quite a few beach walkers go past but I did not make any attempt to cover up. At no time did anyone approach me about being nude nor was there any type of negative reaction from anyone who saw me.
The only way we will get back our right to be nude at Bates is to use it nude. Even if that means some times you are the only one.

Judging by the lack of activity in this group, it is obvious that most members do not actually go to this beach. It is one thing to go when you know that others will be there as part of a Friends Of Bates Beach get together. It is actually more important to be there at other times in order to reinforce the idea that there is nothing wrong with simply being nude at the beach.

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RE:Visits to Bates Beach

Hi all. Was there over Tanksgiving weekend. Great visit with family. No nude weater thog. Oh well.

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RE:Visits to Bates Beach

Thank to a last minute change in plans, I was able to get to Bates Beach yesterday (09/27/20)
I arrived about 1:30. Normally I like to get there no later than 10:00 but as I said it was at the last minute.
The weather was perfect. Sunny with a light haze, temps in the mid 70s. Water cool but comfortable.
There were a lot of textiles on the beach, but mostly closer to the trail entrance.
The further down you went, the sparser the population.
I initially set up at the far end of the sea wall. Nude as soon as I spread out my towel.
Spent about an hour reading and watching the ocean. A few textiles walked past but no problems.

Eventually made my way into the water but found this particular spot was very rocky and the risk of getting hurt by a wave to great.
I put on a pair of mesh shorts, gathered up my stuff and moved farther down the beach.
Found a place where the water looks relatively more calm. Set up, stripped down and went for a swim.
Was in the water for about 15 minutes while textiles walked by. Again no problems.

For the most part I stayed nude the whole time with the exception of draping my shorts over me when larger groups walked past and one time when a women walking her dog had to come over to get the dog.
Even though it was obvious I was nude with just the shorts covering my penis, she was not bothered by it and we talked about her dog for a few minutes.

The only down side to the day was I was the only one there nude. I think there may have been someone further down who was nude for a short time but when he went into the water he put on a pair of long swim trunks.
I saw him later sunning in a speedo but never nude.

Unfortunately with the Covid-19 all the beach get togethers and clean up had to be cancelled for the year, but it would be nice if a few of use could arrange a time to be there together.
Is there anyone interested in trying for next Saturday (10/03/20). The weather is supposed to be even better than it was yesterday.

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RE:Visits to Bates Beach

Yesterday (Sunday, 10/04/2020) I was able to get back up to Bates Beach for a few hours.
I arrived at the beach just after 1:30 and after a long walk north from the parking lot was able to set up and get nude by 2:00
Like last time, I was able to stay nude for almost the whole time I was on the beach.

I went for my first swim about 2:15.
While I was in the water there were a few people that walked past.
There was one couple walking north that when he saw me nude, took of his swim trunks as they continued on their walk.
I had planned on walking further north myself after the swim but held back a bit so they would not think I was following them.
On this walk I did take a pair of loose running shorts as cover up just in case but did not feel the need to cover up while passing others until I saw a textile couple with a child near the far end of the beach.
I covered up as I passed them but took the shorts off right after. I continued on a bit further but there were more textile families ahead so decided to turn around.
Again put on the shorts as I passed the textile family but took them off a short distance later. This would be the last time putting anything on until I was leaving the beach.
Like before, passed a few people but no reactions from anyone.

Went for a second swim around 3:30.
After being seen by so many people and experiencing no negative reactions to my nudity, I decided to go for a second walk, this time not taking any cover up with me.
On this walk was the only time I had any reaction to being seen nude. There were two women who had gone past earlier and were walking back south as I was going north. One of the women called out nice birthday suit I responded it is also the most comfortable one. She said she wished she had the courage to try going nude. I pointed out the beach was mostly empty and this would be the perfect opportunity.
She just laughed and shook her head as they continued there walk.

Started back to the car about 5:15 but stayed nude until I was almost to the south end of the sea wall. At that point I put on my mesh see through shorts and continued on.
Considering there were so few people on the beach at that point it was not really that big a deal.
When I got to the drain pipe that used to be the marker for the nude beach area I took off the mesh shorts and put on the light running shorts for the rest of the walk to the car.

I am very disappointed that no one else seems to be interested in continuing to use this beach in the nude.
I understand that with the Covid-19 virus we can not have any formal get togethers but that does not mean we stop going there.
There must be some of you in the Los Angeles and Ventura area that would like to spend a day nude at the beach.

I understand that not everyone is as comfortable as I am about being seen nude in public. I was the same until I rode in my first WNBR Los Angeles in 2010.
After seeing all the positive reactions from the public it convinced me that the idea that most all people react negatively to simple nudity if false.

As I have shown, even if you are the only one there nude, as long as you stay away from the heavily populated area around the parking lot trail it is not an issue for most people.
I encourage you, if you do go, do not be nervous and cover up every time someone comes near. It is good for others to see that nudist are still using the beach. Just act the same as if you were clothed and most people will either ignore you or, if you are lucky, actually engage in conversation.

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RE:Visits to Bates Beach

Bates Beach Visit Oct. 3, 2021
Until I got ready to post this, I did not realize it has been one year since my last post here.
Thanks to a last minute scheduling change, I was able to spend Sunday afternoon at the beach.
I arrived at the beach just before 12:00. Weather conditions were perfect. Thin high clouds and a temperature of 69 degrees. By the time I left just before 4:00 the temperature had climbed to 74.
Surprisingly there were not that many people there and best of all most were staying in the area closets to the parking lot.
I walked down past the sea wall. There was one textile guy right at the end of the wall so I went a bit further before setting up and getting nude.

There were the usual dog walkers and people just enjoying a stroll along the beach.
It has become my practice of setting up in full view of the beach and not making any effort to cover up when people walk by. I do this in an effort to show I am not ashamed to be seen nude and there is nothing wrong in what I am doing.
No one made any obvious signs of being upset with my nudity.

The water was a bit on the cool side so I did not spend much time swimming but did go in three times while there. I also walked all the way north to the rock outcropping just before the harbor seal bathing area twice after swimming.
I did not keep track of the number of textile people I encountered but it was at least a few dozen.

It was not until later in the day that I became aware of two other nude sunbathers further north of my location. I was on my second walk when I noticed them. Both men had set up right against the cliff face and arranged things so as not to be easily seen by those walking along the beach. However both did come out to go into the water but only when no one else was close by.
I made a point of stopping and talking to them on my way back from my second walk, somewhere between 3:15 and 3:30.
Both were aware of the work the Friend's of Bates Beach is doing to get at least some approval of restoring the clothing optional use of the beach but neither felt comfortable enough to risk upsetting people and possible having someone call the sheriff to complain.

I know I am taking a chance with being so openly nude but at no time am I doing anything to confront the textiles there other then swimming and walking the same as they are doing but just without anything on. Maybe I have just been lucky, but so far everyone I have encountered has either been friendly or at the worst, neutral in there reactions.
The second guy I talked to told me he had seen me walking by and that some of the people I past got on there phones while turning to give me a backward glance. He was worried that they may have been calling the sheriff to report me but obviously that was not the case.
I like to think that if anything they may have been calling a friend to have a good laugh about that old naked guy walking along the beach.

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RE:Visits to Bates Beach

Good for you and thanks for the update.

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RE:Visits to Bates Beach

We will be RV camping up in the Carpinteria and El Capitan areas in the future. We'll be visiting our grandson who is going to school up that way. It's our plan to visit for several days and take a couple of those days for ourselves to visit Bates Beach. I'm glad some people are using this, somewhat, designated area to be nude but I'd prefer, for my wife's sake, that there were more couples and females visiting. It would make it much more comfortable for her to visit.

I'm also troubled that textiles are walking this section of beach, knowing that they may encounter nudes and that they can simply complain about that and have the cops come and hassle nudists that are simply using this section of beach, away from others, as intended. We'll try it in the future but I suspect that if there aren't many nudes or a good mix of male and females, I'll be naked and my wife will most likely remain covered.

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RE:Visits to Bates Beach

Andy, I would recommend checking out the Friends of Bates Beach website,
Go to the calendar to see if there is a beach picnic day that corresponds to when you will be in the area.
There is always a good turnout with a fair number of couples.
Unfortunately there are no more weekend days scheduled for this year and next years calendar has not been set up yet.

This is no longer a clothing optional beach. If you go on any other day you will most likely be the only nudist there.
The good news is I have only heard of one incidence of someone being fined and that is because he did not go all the way past the sea wall and did not want to cover up when told to.

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