Showering With Friends

For guys who like bathing with their buds. Taking a shower with friends.

Does anyone like to be washed in the shower?

Hi there, Denver guy here. Anyone out there love to be washed in the shower, taken care of?

Showering with friends/co-workers/military

I have showered with a couple of roommates before. But there have been friends, co-workers, and guys whom Ive served with (in the Army) that I would have liked to shower with. For one reason or another it has never happened. Whether it was because...

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Army time

When I was in the Army, there were around 7 showers in the barracks, per floor. So after PT is was a mad dash to be first to the showers. Even though Ive always been a bit self conscious of my penis size, there were guys whom I always enjoyed seeing...

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Showering with other men...Gave me Legit...

My co-workers know/knew I was gay. A year into my new job as a fitness coordinator, my straight male co-workers invited me to go camping with them for some sports camp weekend thing. I was beyond happy because it was the first time ever straight men...


Hello Guys, looking for nude dates. Feel free to message me. To break the ice, I'll give you a gun massage at my home studio near Ohare. Do you enjoy manscaping? Let me know.

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I Hate Showering Alone

It is very lonely in fact, very weird to me, to have to close yourself up in a sort of a box in order to take a shower. I was lucky I guess I always went to schools with gang showers and grew up in a house that the previous owners did a real nice...

Men's Communal Showers Facebook Group!

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Showering with team

I played basketball growing up, and I always enjoyed showering with my friends after a hard practice or game. It was nothing sexual, I just always enjoyed being nude and enjoying that with some of my closest friends with whom I had grown up with. We...

Naked time with Dad

We werent really in the shower together but were naked at shower or bath time. As a little kid with a tiny penis I was fascinated by how huge my father seemed to be. I also was fascinated with his body hair. I must have made some kid comment because...

Showering after M2M massage

I love it when the masseur volunteers to help me clean up after a nice m2m massage session. He gets those hard to reach areas!

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