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For guys who like bathing with their buds. Taking a shower with friends.

Showering with team

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I played basketball growing up, and I always enjoyed showering with my friends after a hard practice or game. It was nothing sexual, I just always enjoyed being nude and enjoying that with some of my closest friends with whom I had grown up with. We always had such fun in the locker room just being friends/guys. I sort of miss those days now that we are all grown up with families of our own and hardly ever get to chat or hang out anymore. I did have some friends in college that were like that, but high school was def the best years for it.

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RE:Showering with team

Like many of the posts here, I grew up in a home where nudity was total taboo. I never shared any naked time with my Dad. It was in the 7th grade gym class that showers were compulsory. I was very nervous and shy about being in a locker room with other boys who were changing clothes into gym clothes and then after gym class having to strip and shower together. The shower room, I remember, was just a long narrow room with shower heads lined up on the wall. Showering was new too. We only had a tub at home so for me baths were standard. Now showering was new and actually exciting. Some of the other classmates were close friends and were horseplaying around in the showers: poking fun, grab ass, and splashing each other. The shower room was so narrow that walking in and out to a showerhead you almost had to bump into a buddy to pass by.......
I saw other guys naked and realized what would eventually happen to me soon......I was still prepubescent. My penis was tiny and my balls were still uptight.......It was when the gym instructor walked into the shower room with us, naked and started showering too. I saw for the first time, first hand, an athletic man naked. I was so curious, I think I was caught staring several times by the instructor, he smiled and just let me watch.
To this day I like watching other men shower and take time to clean their bodies. Watching was how I learned to shower and get myself clean in all my body parts. I guess for those of us that had no coaching or help from Dad, learning about our bodies was in the showers at school.

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