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Room to stretch out

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The best thing about communal showers is the room to stretch out and not be so restricted. Then additionally theres the camaraderie and banter that was a fun way to pass the time! We all have bodies and showering all together made us more human, on top of just being a more comfortable way to do it. Its a shame they are putting us all in isolated narrow shower stalls where your elbows hit the (dirty) walls and you cant bend over to wash properly. Showering together was so natural and normal, I am still amazed its perceived as either an embarrassment of the past or a sexual fetish. I see it as a sign of the growing isolation and fragmentation in our culture. Nudism can be a force of unity and acceptance of all our shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Reality is not online porn stars and plastic surgery enhancements, its lumpy and bumpy and more beautiful in the variety. Sadly it seems the tide is running against that now.

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RE:Room to stretch out

I so concur on your statements. I think some of the barriers with nudity and things like the Y changing have had a significant impact on the social norms of today. Too many division and walls, not to say social media has not had a hand in the change. I remember in junior high and senior high we had gang showers in the locker room. Yes there was teasing and other stuff, but there was a level of bonding and connection that you dont get today. People are super distant to on another as it talking is a major crime. The way they change in fear (major insecurity) with a towel wrapped around them is comical too. We need to get back to the day before places like the YMCA changed and nudity stopped. People communicated back then. Now everyone has shields up and ear buds going. There is a lot to be shared and learned from other with working out.

Who and I to judge though.

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