Showering With Friends

For guys who like bathing with their buds. Taking a shower with friends.

Shower Bud - Louisville KY

Anyone up for a shower bud in Louisville KY?

nothing more sensual than showering with a...

Love the sensuality of showering with a lover or friend. Feeling each other each other. very erotic...

2 Man Shower Time

Hello , I live in the 757 area , and would like to find another man to shower with . Id prefer some one younger but its not a deal breaker .

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by TallGuy67 
Two Man Shower

I purposely built a 2 man shower in my mater bedroom just for this exact situation. Me and my partner shower together in the morning, and its a great way to start our day. Chatting and just being with each other. I have had several guys in there at...

Re showering with friends

What a great idea if we could just relax and shower together without getting so hung up about it. Even at the gym so many guys seem to be avoiding getting changed at the gym. Why have we become so body conscience

Is there a straight group like thsi1


Rubber ducky.

If you are my friend you know how much I like to spend time in my bath. I was fortunate to have a bathtub large enough for 2. My partner sometimes joins but he is not a big fan. There are 6 rubber duckies around to enhance the experience. For some...

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showering with a friend....

Such a sensual experience.. something about the water and the closeness. enjoy this experience immensely. The mutual feeling... does anyone need a shower? ps: made this self movie.. would be better with 2-3 however... smile

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Always Liked showering with friends!

Hi, I've enjoyed showering with friends since my high school days! There was definitely a bonding element to it, but I was always curious to see what my buds looked like naked. (Interestingly, there were only 2 uncut guys that I knew of in my...

Showering with 8 men half my age.

Years ago I was in a professional dance production with 8 guys half my age. We each only wore a thong and during the ritual of the show we covered ourselves in a variety of substances including mud, ashes , flour, paint, sweat etc. Will I ever...