Showering With Friends

For guys who like bathing with their buds. Taking a shower with friends.

If you are my friend you know how much I like to spend time in my bath. I was fortunate to have a bathtub large enough for 2. My partner sometimes joins but he is not a big fan. There are 6 rubber duckies around to enhance the experience.

For some people the concept of sharing a bath with someone else is so foreign. Each time when I introduced this to my friends they had this initial disbelief, my argument made sense, and then they joined. They loved it and this was repeated. My argument was, that it is cold outside and will be nice, warm, and cozy to hang out in the bath. It is just like hottub but a bit more intimate. There rubber duckies to break the ice and if we all found this fun at the age of 5 why wouldn't it be fun now in our 30s, 40s...

I shared a bath even with non nudists friends. Once they are in they loved this intimate, relaxing, open space to hang out, deep talks etc. I really preferred to entertain 1-on-1 in the bath rather than in a living room :) but hey that's me. Sometimes drinks and light snacks are served as well. With close friends we would live the door open while my partner is around and he would bring some snacks. join a bit, or not. very casual. Just another space in the house that offer a very intimate and relaxing setting.

I did take showers too with friends in the house when coming back from biking, the beach etc. Why to wait for one another if there is enough room for all together. I found that if you introduce something foreign in a very casual obvious way (to you of course) people tent to trust your lead and follow. No one ever refused and no one ever had a bad time. This is a very good bonding experience. So many more stories but I guess the main point was made.

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