Showering With Friends

For guys who like bathing with their buds. Taking a shower with friends.

My shower history

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I adore group showers, so I will tell you my story.

It began when I was a child, lets say around 10, maybe less, when I followed my father who played basketball. He was in like 33 then. After the game the man/boys went into the locker room, and I went too. I sat there, watching them get naked, taking their showers, getting dressed ...the watter, the mixture of soap & sweat, gorgeus male bodies, flacid dicks.... I somehow became intoxicated...

At 14 I traveled to France to visit friends. I was fully developed by then, young, but fully male. This friends used to live above fireman barracks, using the huge fireman communal showers ... It was my first ever "joined" shower outside my family with me being naked as well. My freind was one year younger, but far less developed .... So, usualy it would be us, but sometimes joined others. Once was his father (I still can remember his very small penis and blond pubic hair), once was my friends friend, less developed than me so I was a subject of admiration and comments. And once a young fireman joined... male perfection. I was so happy.

From than on I used any occasion to shower naked with others, would mostly be gym. As they have allready started to do boxes, it was more like getting naked and dressed together they really to shower together. But I remember a shower at swimingpool - 4 could shower together, rest were boxes. I allways picked to shower with others... till they've posted "its not allowed to take shower nude" :(

Then, in my 20ies I used to visit a youth hostel in Verona, Italy. It had one huge bedroom with 80 beds, and one communal shower for 8 to shower together. I spent hours every morning and evening there... young, elder, all kinds, acting totaly free (even morning hardons) .... was like a dream.

Then, I was a bit over 30, went to London. And somewhere on www I found an information that there is a possibity to see naked students taking shower and to join somewhere in town center... so I went, twice I think, not much, but have taken shower naked and so did other...was very nice.

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