Be My Naked Friend

Just a group to have friends who share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings with each other.

Why I Love Being Naked

1. Freedom, when I'm naked I'm no longer chained by cloths.2. Feels great (the feeling of the wind, sun, and everything else on my naked body is very pleasant)3. Excitement, the fact that I am exposing myself is so thrilling and the fact that...

looking for a Paris

I will come to Paris for a long weekend. (from 10-11 till 12-11) Is there a sweet men (under 42 years) who want to host me? Always nice to meet real TN-friends!

Latest Post
I'm a newbie with a question

Hey.I start in nudism this year, in february. Now I always sleep naked and try to be naked as much as posible. However, when I'm naked I tend to touch me more but I do not know why.Do I have keep touching myself?Do I have to stop it?

My birthday

Hello to all. I wanted to tell you that tomorrow, Saturday, July 22 is my birthday (55 years) and I would be happy to receive your visits and also requests for friendship. I wish everyone happiness.

Missing Moderator?

I was wondering why the pic that I posted a long time ago hasn't been approved and then I noticed that the "moderator" for this group hasn't logged in for eight months !!!! I guess we are all on our own here !!!!

looking to chat or pm

new to the site and lifestyle and would like to communicate with like minded people

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