Be My Naked Friend

Just a group to have friends who share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings with each other.

Nude and love it.

I agree, we are born naked why can we not live naked? I am naked as much as possible and hate to get dressed.

I'm a newbie with a question

Hey.I start in nudism this year, in february. Now I always sleep naked and try to be naked as much as posible. However, when I'm naked I tend to touch me more but I do not know why.Do I have keep touching myself?Do I have to stop it?

New to nudism

At 63 years old I decided to take the plunge and join the nudist world. Have always loved to be naked but never had the opportunity. Now that I'm a widower the opportunity is there but I have no idea where I can find places where I can be naked....


Hello would love to get some new Skype buddies43 married male only nudist at home as wife not into it Don't hesitate to drop a line

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Hello looking for friends

Hello to all. I'm Andrea I am 54 years old and live in Italy. They are looking for friendship and contacts in Europe and throughout the rest of the world. I would be happy to receive messages and friend requests

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Roadtrip Europe 8-24th of June

Hi guys, I want to make a roadtrip with my camper van in June. Looking for guys to come along. The camper can take up to 4 passengers. Thinking of going through France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands. Let's hit the road!

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South Mississippi

Hi looking for naked friends in southern Mississippi.

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hi new here

hi looking to meet new friends!!!

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by darby01 
As I sit here

I just think about how comfortable I am sitting here naked. It's a shame more people aren't open minded enough to enjoy the most simple pleasures of life There are so many things that clutter your life, why do we make clothing and nudity one...

NEPA Friends

Looking to make friends with guys and gals from Lehigh /Carbon /Schuylkill /Northampton counties. Feel free to add me

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