Be My Naked Friend

Just a group to have friends who share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings with each other.

spare bed for anyone who wants a break,

hi all, hope every one is well, we have a spare bed to offer any one, who would like a break and become friends with us both, all welcome to come and stay at ours kind regards hosts gaz and Michael,


Here's something that I never dealt with as a clothed person--chafing on my inner thighs right under my 'nads. Pants always served as a barrier of protection before and now ... Well ... There ain't no pants! What do you guys do to ease...

I want to be seen naked by all of you and I...

Greetings to everyone. I'm Andrea from Italy. It is a pleasure for me, a desire and a need to be seen totally naked, it is a desire to be accepted as I am. So I would like to ask to visit my profile and look at my photos. If someone wanted to ask...

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Small and proud

Anybody else on the small side and not afraid to show it?

Looking for friend in Buenos Aires

Hey everyone, Im new to the nudist scene and Im looking for friends to share and hangout. Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. But Im also willing to make friends online and hang on cam.

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Naked Friend in Miami

Hello, Im looking for a naked friend in Miami.

Looking for friends

I am Andrea from Italy and I am looking for friendships with anyone. I like to be naked, I like to be seen naked. You can visit my profile, look at my photos and ask how much you want to know. You can add me among your friendships freely.

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Hey all, que tal. Looking for nudist friend to explore different places ans experiences. Hasta pronto

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mobile, Al friends

Hey everyone! Im traveling to Mobile the last week of march for a few days, looking to maybe meet some other nudist and hangout for an evening. Let me know. Adam

I'm a newbie with a question

Hey.I start in nudism this year, in february. Now I always sleep naked and try to be naked as much as posible. However, when I'm naked I tend to touch me more but I do not know why.Do I have keep touching myself?Do I have to stop it?

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