Gay Bears Nudist Association

International association gay nudist, only for MALES, all men are welcome, gay bi, the name bears its we like the man as being natural, tall, short, fat, etc, just enjoy nudity among men and all situations and to make friendswe are going to perform many activities throughout the world, this includes private meetings, nudist resort, beaches, hiking, mountains, travel europe, america, where we can...

hi Dennis and all friends, and thanks for you presentacion, i have 44 years, living in Madrid Spain, and also the type bear, too ive been a lifelong nudist, always sleep naked, and always at home, and many places outside, here in Spain we have a lot of sun, goo weather and good places, beaches, mountains, rivers, etc, i love meet new nudist people, its for pleasure and interest a group of friends have established this associtation bears nudist, we hope we can meet many times, wherever we are and wherever we live, today not impediments to travel, our first meeting will be here in Sapian at a nudist resor in Almera Vera 18 to 25 july, where 24 hours may be naked, would be a pleasure that many of the friends could come here and enjoy this week, anyway we hope to hold meetings anywhere in te world, wait for ideas, just say all to all those who wanted to come to Spain , we have a full service, from pickup at the airpor, sightseeing in the cities and of course, reserve hotel or apartment where you can be naked, we will contact more nudist and attend all meeting nudist ,
Big nudist Hugs stay naked

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