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Topfree goes to Maryland Federal Court

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There was a story in my local paper the other day, 1/21/18, about 5 women taking the fight to Federal Court for the right to go bare chested on Ocean City's Maryland Beaches.
The law suit argues that women have the legal right to go shirtless in public, justt like men.
I'm not an attorney, but play one on TV and was wondering what can we do to support these 5 brave women?

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RE:Topfree goes to Maryland Federal Court

Guess I've been under a rock and missed this post. We have such a law in NY. The penal code was rewritten after 7 women in Rochester took it to state supreme court and a woman has the right to be shirtless anywhere a man can. Unfortunately, they left it open to be superseded by local ordnances so it has little bite and no one takes advantage of the law. I have long been an advocate for top freedom and always say let's just a nice warm day in Aug.....oh wait....we already have one....and everyone goes to work shirtless. It will all be over in 10 minutes and we will all say what was the big deal. We all have nipples...right?

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