Small Willies

A group for guys who are not ashamed to posses a very small penis and for females who like them small.

Hi everyone.

Pleased to be included in this group. Never been ashamed of being small, it's all i have and can do nothing about, so why worry. I do however feel a small pity for those that mock us less than average guys, just shows their level of intelligence.

Small Willy Turn ons

Though sometime shameful- especially when young. But at the resort or beach I get hard and get away with it...BUT when it is noticed that I am hard I often got teased and turns out I liked.. got off on being taunted and shamed- made tp jack off as...

Hi, pleased to be here

Only found this group yesterday, thanks for adding me. 40's male from the north of England. Would love to find friends to chat with.


It's said that black men are supposed to have big dicks. I love comparing my small dick to others. I think that guys with small dicks should stick together.

Love small ,

Hey I love willys any size but have a fondness for small , especially shaved . Love to chat or compare . Im on a number of apps and social platforms we could share on .

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All welcome

Hey Id love to swap pics and chat with guys who are small , I love em all sizes , I have Skype , kik , Snapchat, and email , whichever u prefer

thats my dick

I came extremely late in puberty, only when I was 18-19 years old. I do not think it was very funny at the time that I ran around with a boy's cock, but today I'm happy if anyone likes my cock. The hair on the cock was allowed to grow for a...

Small during puberty

Hey everyone. Happy to read u r proud .. i was too during m'y late puberty. I was a very late Blomer .. m'y hormones. M'y body were not ready in th good Time. I was 19when m'y hormones started their jobs So all m'y body was as a...

Small Willy

I am a large chubby guy blessed with a very small penis that I display proudly. When I was in grade school I was often teased and once i had my trunks removed in the pool and pulled out of the water so that all the girls could laugh at my tiny...

Small willy uk

Hi every one,hope you are keeping save,love to chat or skype with any small willy fan anywhere.Roy


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