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A group for guys who are not ashamed to posses a very small penis and for females who like them small.

Small during puberty

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Hey everyone.
Happy to read u r proud .. i was too during m'y late puberty. I was a very late Blomer .. m'y hormones. M'y body were not ready in th good Time.
I was 19when m'y hormones started their jobs
So all m'y body was as a 9 yes ils boy.
And yes i had a micro pnis until m'y 20.
After long therapy of hormones. I started. M'y puberty and now all its perfect.
B proud of yourself

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RE:Small during puberty

I've always found smaller penises sexy and often have the best sex with smaller guys. I agree they should be proud and show them off :-)
I prefer it when my penis is soft and small

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RE:Small during puberty

Thx for message. B proud. And size IS not important. Puberty could b ras. But WE ARE who WE are

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