Bicurious And Friends

For guys to talk about relationships with other guys--especially for bicurious guys who may still be working things out. The focus is on relationships, openness, and affection--not orgasmic sex. Guys who identify as gay or bisexual are very welcome, but please don't use this as a dating site. In my experience, naturists tend to be more open and I feel like there are more guys checking their...

First curious expernce

I was a very normalnstright married man but always a bit curious about another guy Staying naked at the gym change room longer than I should lol All ways wanted to feel a cock get hard in my hand to fee a hot cock in my mouthcaress his balls as he...

DFW area

New to the website. Any people on here from DFW area? Send me a message or friend request. Looking for some friends.

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Has it been too long?

I am in a big dry spell. Been a very long time since my last sexual encounter. Anyone else experiencing the same. ?

Latest Postlove to play .
by nudesunfun 

Hi all I'm a nudist I like chilled nudism n suxual nudism

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A weekend with a gay man and his wife.

I met with a young Korean couple last weekend, we had been chatting for a while and deside to meet, it was my 1st sexual encounter with a couple, they bouth were so excite to be with me and to have sex, we had an amazing weekend, great experience for...

Latest PostSounds awesome!
by Sparkyaus 
Long Island

I enjoy both being nude and bring bi'curious. My wife would not understand the later of the 2. How ever, I am at ease with when nude which she is not into but is ok with it for me. I am at ease when I occasionally spend a little time with another...

Bisexual literature

Bi-curious? I recommend (well, of course I would) that you read a short novel I wrote a couple of years ago called 'MIRRORS: Reflections of a Bisexual Man' available from Amazon in paperback and e-book. Luke N Glass

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still in closet bisexual male

I am not curious and have known I am bi since age 12. Just not open to all about it partly due to my history. I got the heck beat out of me for coming out to what I thought was best friend at time many years ago. Since that happening I been careful...

How many no longer curious?

How many that are here have explored some since joining the group?

Nature or nurture?

I don't knw why some are straight or bi or gay. But I remember when I was twelve or so, my dad found a nudist mag .I saw where he hid it and one day I looked through it. Just pictures of ordinary people doing things naked. But when I looked at...

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