Bicurious And Friends

For guys to talk about relationships with other guys--especially for bicurious guys who may still be working things out. The focus is on relationships, openness, and affection--not orgasmic sex. Guys who identify as gay or bisexual are very welcome, but please don't use this as a dating site. In my experience, naturists tend to be more open and I feel like there are more guys checking their...

Where do you draw the line?

I have noticed in reading some posts here a reluctance to want to acknowledge some interactions between two guys - of what I would deem a sexual nature - as homosexual behavior. I have no problem admitting my curiosity - I'm intrigued as hell to...

Transgenders Look Sexy

Now that I am getting older, I am being attracted to Sexy Transgender's. I'm I alone with this?

How many no longer curious?

How many that are here have explored some since joining the group?

Bi friends

Any bi friends out here from Chicago.. lets chat

Curious about becoming bi-curious/bi-sexual

Hello Everyone,I have been asking individual TN friends about their bisexuality. I have been given some very good insights. I would not mind knowing more about becoming bi-sexual.You see, I am 110% gay:-)) I have been gay as long as I can remember. I...

Meet in Dorchester, UK

Anyone who is bi-curious or maybe just interested want to meet up in Dorchester sometime?

Do You Ever Wear A "Cock Ring"

Do you Like To see Men Wearing "Cock Rings"? Do You Like To Wear A "Cock Ring"?I Think That Most Men They Look Very Cute In Them. I Love To See Men in Pictures Wearing Them.Do You?Let Me Know Your Thoughts.John


I sucked my first cock and now Monday I get to try feeling it inside me. Looking forward to the experience. I want experience every aspect of the bi world. Would love a mwm situation. That would be the best of both worlds

A Nudists Take On Sexuality!!!

I know the beauty of being a nudist or naturist is more open minded,thus more open to everything. Maybe, most are born a certain sexual orientation,or could it be Society has dictated?,we must wear clothes,we must have straight only relationships,we...

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qu'est-ce que vous attire avec un gars...

Moi j'aime le cot pas compliquer,masculin,viril et surtout intense avec un gars I like the side not complicate, masculine, manly and especially intense with a guy

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