Bicurious And Friends

For guys to talk about relationships with other guys--especially for bicurious guys who may still be working things out. The focus is on relationships, openness, and affection--not orgasmic sex. Guys who identify as gay or bisexual are very welcome, but please don't use this as a dating site. In my experience, naturists tend to be more open and I feel like there are more guys checking their...

Hi everybody new here

My first bi experience was with my cousin when I was a young teen he made me suck him then he took my ass. .been interest ever since . next time a co worker we sucked each other of in his truck . the last time was more that twenty yrs ago had meet...

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Hi everybody new here

I would love to find a local friend to have regular relationship with . My wife is no longer interested in sex and says it is ok for me to have a friend

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Im still nervous

I have tried with a guy on a few occasions 20 plus years ago and now i get too nervous. I love looking at the male and female body. I enjoy myself to men and women pics. Get aroused faster to men pics but both get me there. So, any advice to not be...

Transgenders Look Sexy

Now that I am getting older, I am being attracted to Sexy Transgender's. I'm I alone with this?

Secretly bi or curious?

Does anyone know? Wife does not? I am sure my wife would not like it. Let me know if from Chicago area

Age vs Sexuality

The older I get, the more I think there are many more men who are bisexual or bicurious. Maybe it's due to their spouses losing interest in sex?

Wanting to meet a buddy in N. California.

I really enjoy nude outdoor activities. It would be great to meet a local guy to enjoy nude outdoor activities with. Hang out together nude and have open minded chats. Two guys comfortable being nude together.

What am I doing Wrong?

Why is it so hard to find like-minded friends who are sincere nudists/naturists and open to guy-on-guy forms of expression? I've been trolling the waters here in SE Wisconsin for years, but have rarely succeeded in meeting anyone in real time....


Tried my first time by sucking a guys cock. Can't believe what I have been missing. Would like to do it again and maybe try anal

Hard On

If a Nude Manthat I'm Talking to gets a "Hard-On", at a Nudist Club then I get hard too when Nude. Does anyone else?