Bicurious And Friends

For guys to talk about relationships with other guys--especially for bicurious guys who may still be working things out. The focus is on relationships, openness, and affection--not orgasmic sex. Guys who identify as gay or bisexual are very welcome, but please don't use this as a dating site. In my experience, naturists tend to be more open and I feel like there are more guys checking their...

Secretly bi or curious?

Does anyone know? Wife does not? I am sure my wife would not like it. Let me know if from Chicago area

My story

I have always been curious, just more recently discovered that. I always enjoyed spending time being naked among men. My biggest turn on has always been envisioning taking someone elses hard cock and pleasuring it. Ive never had the opportunity to...

We Are All Naturally Bi-Curious

As I speak with more friends, I see that more and more people are coming out as bi curious. This doesn't mean in any way that these people have had bi sex, it just means that more and more people are being open-minded about affirming the beauty...

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Welcome to Belgrade, Serbia!

To all good freedom spirits, both curious or bi, I welcome you to visit Belgrade, Serbia. I can host you in my apartment in downtown, and if my free time allows me, I can show you a bit of this interesting and vibrant city. I am fully vaccinated. I...

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Nudist looking for Bi friends in Florida

Nudist Snow Bird in Kissimmee, Florida Looking for wonderful new nudist friends to get together at local non-landed locations for wine and introductionsContact me as I'm friendly and looking for new friends

Me beening BI

I hope I will not offend you fine gentlemen in here this is my story. I have known I was BI since my early teens and learned early do not mix the sexes lol When I want a Female I find one When I want a male find one of those also lol and I do not...

Madrid & Budapest host 25.09.-28.09.

Hello people! I am comming for a short visit to beautiful Madrid at 25.09.-27.09. and I hope to meet someone of you there. I hope to find a host too. I am active on couchsurfing. So please text me and if you can host me 2 night, it would be awesome....

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Open minded

Hi everyone. I have just joined this group. Have been hetrosexual upto now but am becoming increasingly curious in my senior years.


Tried my first time by sucking a guys cock. Can't believe what I have been missing. Would like to do it again and maybe try anal

First time anal

Hey there, how was your first time anal? My first experience was not that good. The guy was really rough. The second time was a blast. Since that i need it almost every day. Beside that, i wear a butt plug every day.


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